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Metadata Tagging

Metadata Tagging Best Practices for Digital Asset Management

Metadata tagging is the process of creating a term that describes a keyword or phrase and assigning those tags to a media asset. A media asset, as described in our blogs about digital asset management and media asset management, is any content that comes in one of five forms: audio, images, video, documents, or HTML....

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Video Asset Management

Video Asset Management (VAM) – Here’s The Top Things You Should Know

Companies, particularly in the Media and Entertainment industry, produce a massive amount of video content each year. Although the pandemic and the SAG-AFTRA strike slowed down production in recent years, everyone has started to ramp back up production. But video production isn’t solely applicable to movies and television shows. Roughly 91% of businesses use video...

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What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

What Is Digital Asset Management (DAM) and How Can It Reveal More Revenue Opportunities?

Digital asset management (DAM) consolidates an organization’s digital content into a single location, making it easier to access, manage and distribute with internal teams, partners, and customers. DAM is business-critical for any individual or organization that actively produces digital content and media assets on a regular basis. Exacerbated by the 2020 pandemic, the demand for content...

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AI Auto-Tagging

AI Auto-Tagging – What You Need To Know

AI auto-tagging is the process in which artificial intelligence is used to tag media files with metadata. This is a modern approach to metadata tagging, which creates a term that describes a keyword or phrase and assigns these metadata tags to a media asset. In digital asset management, which we described in-depth in a previous...

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Brand Asset Management

Everything You Need to Know About Brand Asset Management (BAM)

Many companies manage their brand assets in an ad hoc fashion, making it difficult for teams to get their hands on the latest and greatest branded content quickly. Think about how many emails you have sent or received from people asking where brand assets are located? The average interaction worker spends 28% of their workweek...

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