AI-driven Insights for eDiscovery and Regulatory Compliance Teams

Unlock insights throughout your eDiscovery process and surface potential regulatory compliance risk as part of your daily surveillance activities

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Purpose-built for your eDiscovery & Compliance Challenges

Veritone Legal & Compliance solutions are purpose-built to meet both eDiscovery and regulatory compliance use cases. For Legal teams, Veritone provides the ability to search across audio and video content. Audio can be converted into searchable text — the text can even be converted from one language to another. Faces and objects can be identified within video content, greatly enhancing discovery. For Compliance teams, Veritone enables near real-time identification of regulatory compliance risk and violations across voice and video, leveraging our unique, multi-engine approach to cognitive data recognition. This approach helps to increase accuracy and reduce false positive results.


aiWARE Government has received FedRAMP Authorization

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services.

In March 2019, Veritone received FedRAMP Authorization with our aiWARE Government platform. This Authorization can be used government-wide, decreasing the time and cost for other agencies and organizations as they adopt Veritone AI technology.

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For years, global regulators have required that Financial Services firms implement programs of proactive compliance. Firms forged ahead, creating and adopting platforms and technologies to surveil electronic communications. Left behind was voice. Although firms have been recording various sources of voice for years, the review of voice communications has historically been limited to random sampling and retrieval for specific investigations. These legacy compliance processes have inherent risks as they lack a proactive component.

Veritone enables surveillance teams to proactively monitor, surveil and review voice communications. Our ecosystem contains 250+ AI engines, with over 200 devoted to all aspects of voice and video (transcription, translation, sentiment, face and object recognition and more).

Stay ahead of the curve and implement proactive compliance solutions.

Compliance Use Cases

Discover the many ways aiWARE can be leveraged to drive compliance and surveillance needs.

Compliance for Financial Services Teams

By leveraging our AI platform to monitor voice, video and text-based communications, your surveillance team will be able to more efficiently identify potential compliance risks.


Compliance for Call Center Professionals

aiWARE can help call centers to automate the transcription and translation of audio files in order to gain actionable insights into the quality of their operations and achieve compliance.


Proactive Audio Surveillance

Proactive processing of audio communications for surveillance. Our open, extensible platform makes unstructured audio data searchable, making it easier to meet compliance requirements. To learn more, download our Proactive Audio Surveillance document.


Key Benefits

Search Audio and Video Content in Relativity

aiWARE can make video and audio searchable within Relativity. aiWARE can transcribe, translate audio and identify objects within video content, enabling you to search through multimedia evidence directly within Relativity. All video content review within Relativity is accomplished by using our free media player for Relativity.

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