Solution Brief

Intelligent, Rapid Early Case Assessment of Video, Audio and Text Documents for Legal Teams

Uncover Electronically Stored Information Early In a Legal Matter for Greater Control Over Time and Cost with Veritone aiWARE TM 


Today’s legal professionals are being buried beneath an avalanche of data. Every year, 350,000 new cases arrive in U.S. courts and the total incoming cases in U.S. state courts amounted to 84.2 million in 2016 alone1. Each of these cases generates massive amounts of information.

Sometimes a single lawsuit can produce mind-boggling quantities of data. Individual larger cases can encompass 100 terabytes of data, equivalent to 8.5 billion pages, or about 8.5 million trees if those pages were printed out2.

Included in the above are audio and video data sources, which have become increasingly utilized for standard business communication and processes.  These data types are now discoverable and corporations are therefore required to collect, analyze, and review such data as part of legal matters. The uptick in discoverable media data leaves legal teams searching for adequate technology to search, analyze, and cull through media data to identify relevant material to support their case in a timely manner.

AI For Legal Professionals

Think of artificial intelligence as an extension of your own cognitive abilities. It performs many of the same, if not more, functions as the human brain — such as recognizing a face or translating speech — using far less time and resources. Put simply, AI augments human capabilities by performing basic or repetitive tasks faster and more scalably than humans, empowering you to spend your time on higher-value activities.

In many cases, it’s no longer practical from a time or cost perspective for a lawyer—or even an entire legal team—to sift through all the available information. Increasingly, the only way to navigate this sea of data in a timely and cost-effective manner is to utilize artificial intelligence engines that can ingest all kinds of content, from printed text to recorded phone calls and videos. By employing this approach, AI can transform audio or video content into a format that can be searched and analyzed for words, phrases, faces, and sentiment. This approach not only makes it possible to inspect in a timely manner large amounts of information made available in a major case, but it also allows a legal group to focus on more critical tasks while producing a quality of work that would not have been possible previously.

Optimizing Early Case Assessment and Legal Processes with Veritone AI

Veritone is a leading provider of artificial intelligence technology and solutions. Our proprietary operating system for AI, aiWARE™, orchestrates an expanding ecosystem of machine learning models (also called AI engines) to transform unstructured data such as audio and video files into searchable, actionable intelligence. As a result, legal teams -- whether to optimize their early case assessment, eDiscovery, case management or other case efforts -- can leverage aiWARE to turn unstructured data into easily searchable and more valuable assets for their cases.

With capabilities such as language detection, translation and transcription, object detection, face detection and identification and much more, aiWARE unlocks the power of cognitive computing for legal professionals while recognizing and analyzing patterns. It can processes information faster and at higher volumes than the human brain – all to help boost revenue and efficiency.

How Veritone helps with eDiscovery

Veritone provides legal teams with an effective means of searching voluminous sets of media data to quickly identify, cull-down, and focus on relevant evidence only. For cases requiring transcription, aiWARE leverages multiple AI engines to optimize data accuracy and performance, resulting in a more accurate summation of a recording conversation. aiWARE selects the best AI engine, or group of engines, to process the file. By blending multi-engine results into a unified transcript, aiWARE outperforms a single AI engine, empowering legal teams to produce more accurate results. Legal teams are able to export their relevant subset of media data to the e-discovery or case management platform of their choice, boosting early case assessment efforts while significantly cutting storage costs. Veritone serves as the common backbone for user case data,and can integrate with leading third-party legal applications.


From emails to text messages to audio and video communications, the quantity and variety of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) used as evidence in legal proceedings keeps growing. Hidden within all this data are precious gems of insight that lead legal teams to a smoking gun moment where the result of a court case is determined. This is precisely where Veritone helps. Manual interrogation of audio and video in legal proceedings in particular is painstaking - many times amounting to thousands of unnecessary reviewer billable hours. Artificial intelligence provides legal teams a better alternative to accelerate their eDiscovery. By leveraging AI, Veritone enables legal teams to transcribe, translate, redact and find objects trapped in audio and video ESI to meet their case requirements. Legal teams are able to transform audio or video case content into a format that can be discovered, produced, searched, and analyzed for words, phrases and even faces.


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