• Veritone Tracker helps maintain safety and improve security during live sporting events without infringing on subjects’ PII.
  • Pandologic, a Veritone company, assists sports brands in hiring staff by using programmatic advertising.
  • Veritone offers a range of AI-powered energy applications that help event centers optimize energy efficiency and power usage.

The previous blog explored some of the challenges sports organizations face with their media asset management and how AI can help streamline it. As a result of ingesting AI into this part of their operations, we discussed how it unlocks revenue opportunities with their rights-owned media. 

In this article, we will discuss how AI can be used to optimize facility operations across these key areas: fan safety and stadium security, recruitment, and energy management. 

Maintaining Safety and Security During Live Sports Events 

There’s nothing like the electric nature of an in-person sporting event, something that watching it from home simply cannot capture. However, with emotion comes unfortunate instances of verbal or violent altercations. In fact, in a Venue Security Director Survey, most respondents said that fan behavior is much worse than it was ten years ago. The most common behavior was alcohol abuse, with fights between patrons as a close second. 

To help increase live sports event safety while maintaining the integrity of attendees’ privacy and personally identifiable information (PII), Veritone Tracker is a new video analysis solution to track persons of interest across various files. String together images of the same person from different and separate video files, and build a story that encompasses individuals, events, and locations, with an underlying ribbon of time. With this solution, security staff can better protect fans and help investigate any issues that might arise during a match. 

In conjunction with these types of events, facility security teams need a way to track problem fans. Veritone Contact, a stop data collection tool trusted by law enforcement, can be used to help you document and track problem patrons so that you can have a record of incidents to justify banning individuals from the grounds or lean on as proof points if you decide to take other actions. 

Tracker and Contact aren’t the only solutions that can help facility security staff. Veritone Redact and our Reaction Managed Service can help you redact videos that might be used in any court cases. These solutions can come in handy in the event of altercations that take place on your grounds or accidents, leading to a lawsuit. 

Hiring Staff With Programmatic Advertising 

Beyond safety, stadiums and associated facilities require a lot of people to maintain and run effectively. From a staffing perspective, Pandologic, a Veritone company, is known as the best-kept secret in HR. With AI-powered recruitment technologies, you can programmatically recruit staff for key positions at your facility. 

Despite stadiums outsourcing 75% of their security staff, 95% of security professionals recently surveyed said that they have experienced staff shortages over the last two years. Having less staff across the board impacts everything. Longer security lines increase the chances of patrons becoming frustrated, especially when they finally enter the stadium and find long lines for food and drinks. All of this impacts the fan experience and increases the chances of something negative happening.

However, hiring stadium staff is easier said than done. As economic uncertainty looms, many will want to optimize and cut costs where they can. With AI-powered recruitment technology, you can automate large parts of the process while narrowing down to a pool of the best candidates for positions. Through a more programmatic approach, you’ll be able to save time and money and accelerate the search to fill important vacancies for the season. 

Optimizing Facility Energy Usage 

Speaking of cutting costs, energy consumption is something many stadiums struggle to reign in. A football stadium with 75,000 seats can rack up a bill of over half a million dollars annually. Larger stadiums can pay a million or more annually. A stadium with retractable roofs and air-conditioned environments can consume 750 megawatts during the course of a game. For an average football stadium in the UK, if you figure you’re paying 30 pounds per megawatt an hour, that’s 20K pounds an hour. 

Veritone offers AI energy solutions to help stadium operators reduce their carbon footprint and optimize their power usage. As more stadiums adopt green energy solutions to offset the power they draw from the grid, they’ll need AI to plan, build, and manage their new energy systems. 

In the last feature in this series, we’ll dive into how we can help you take your fan engagement to the next level. Contact us today to learn about our entire sports portfolio, including our fan safety, recruitment, and energy solutions mentioned above.

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