How an AI-Enabled Digital Asset Management Platform Helps You Maximize The Value of Your Content

How an AI-Enabled Digital Asset Management Platform Helps You Maximize The Value of Your Content

Using a digital asset management platform helps you more easily manage, share and license your content.

Whether you create, own or license professional multimedia content, you need a way to index that content in order to fully maximize it. 

A digital asset management platform (DAM) gives you a central location to house your content. Content in your DAM can then be searched and sent to anyone who needs it, whether that’s an internal or external recipient.

If that platform uses AI technology, you can hyper-index your content as it’s uploaded as well as existing content so that you can rapidly find precise content and utilize it to its fullest potential.

The benefits of AI

AI technology helps organize content by adding structure to unstructured data. This goes beyond merely transcription to include such features as speaker separation and identification, advanced face and logo recognition, and text analytics (aka content classification).

Without AI, you’d have to add all of that metadata and add it manually to both new and existing content. We estimate it costs $1,650 an hour for humans to do the same amount of this indexing work that AI can do for $10 an hour.

Monetizing your DAM

The ability to create a public-facing DAM is crucial to monetizing your newly indexed, owned content. You need to be able to offer potential licensors of your content a simple user interface so they can easily search, preview and license your content.

With the right DAM, you can set prices on your client-facing portal and configure it to allow visitors to license content themselves or work with your sales team to license content.

Using the Veritone Digital Media Hub

Veritone’s cloud-native media management portal, Veritone Digital Media Hub, is white-labeled so that you can keep your own company’s branding. Veritone Digital Media Hub is underpinned by aiWARE, our proprietary AI technology, which transforms audio, video and other data sources into actionable intelligence.

Veritone Digital Media Hub lets you create different portals for multiple brands and purposes. You can create different user permissions and branding based on who is accessing each portal, giving you control over what you send to your clients and internal teams. It also integrates with other DAMs and leading cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM Cloud, to work with your existing workflows.

How it works

The journey of a piece of content through our platform begins at upload. You upload your source media, whether that’s video, audio, images or other, to where it needs to be stored. You can include any metadata you have at the point of ingest, or our platform can discover the metadata automatically and include it as the content is uploaded. You might not realize that metadata is even there on a group of photos, for instance, but AI can find information such as names, locations, photographers and what camera was used.

Multiple renditions (low- and high-res) of the content are created as well as preview files. aiWARE then takes over, your content is indexed and it becomes searchable in Veritone Digital Media Hub.

For enterprise clients who feel they have too much content to move to the cloud, Veritone offers on-premise and hybrid solutions that work with a tool called Automate Studio. This low-code solution adds cognitive capabilities that give you flexibility and ease of use you need to build and manage AI-powered apps.

The Veritone DAM in action

An example of Veritone Digital Media Hub in action is the hub we helped develop for the US Open. As the US Open closes, more than 100 TB of content was ingested and made available to US Open Digital Media Hub customers. 

Though it’s managed by the USTA, the content was populated in the Digital Media Hub automatically. As soon as the footage was available, users could immediately run a search across the entire library to find everything related to Naomi Osaka, for example, and instantly send that content to whoever needs it.

To see more of the Veritone Digital Media Hub in action, including a tour of the USTA’s Digital Media Hub, watch our MESA Take the DAM(n) Tour for IBC webinar.