Veritone Amps up Its Award-Winning Synthetic Voice with New Languages, Stock Voices and Editing Capabilities to Give Content Creators the Ultimate Synthetic Voice Solution

Veritone Voice features new enhancements for stylizing and humanizing computer-generated voices, to enable the production of more natural and lifelike content 

Veritone, Inc. (NASDAQ: VERI), creator of aiWARE, a hyper-expansive enterprise AI platform, announced today new enhancements to the NAB product of the year and award-winning Veritone Voice solution. Since its launch in May 2021, Veritone Voice has attracted over 2,000 customers who have generated thousands of synthetic voice clips used within the enterprise, consumer and metaverse environments. Recognizing the high value of providing content creators with more options to stylize and humanize computer-generated voice, Veritone has enriched its easy-to-use self-serve applications by upgrading its text editor capabilities and adding more than 70 new stock voices and multiple new languages. 

“Veritone is constantly innovating in the audio space and it’s been super exciting to be on this synthetic voice journey with them,” said Bryan Barletta, of the Sounds Profitable podcast. “Veritone Voice  continues to get better and better. As a podcaster, this makes my content and brand that much stronger and accessible.”

“When Veritone launched Veritone Voice in May 2021, we envisioned a synthetic voice solution that would not only humanize digital content but also remove the limitations of where and how voice personalities could be securely and efficiently replicated and heard,” said Chris Doe, head of Commercial Products, Veritone. “In less than a year, we’ve achieved just that with these added features, which help corporations, media companies, brands, broadcasters, podcasters and advertisers create revenue opportunities and satisfy increasing consumer demand for more natural, localized and personalized content.” 

New additions to Veritone Voice include:

  • Updates to the Text Editor: Creators can now further tailor voice projects easily with editing enhancements such as breaks, pauses, selected phonemes and prosody. They can also make adjustments to voice rate, pitch and volume, and create back-and-forth conversions between languages while having the ability to enhance the synthetic speech for a line of text or word by word. With the new “say-as” feature, users gain even more control over voice outputs, which is critical in overcoming the roadblocks that prevent synthetic speech from sounding more natural and human.
  • New Stock Voices and Languages: To help creators expand their audience reach, 72 new stock voices have been added to the Veritone Voice library—bringing the total close to 300. Its broad spectrum of languages now includes: Amharic (Ethiopia); Bangla (Bangladesh); Persian (Iran); Filipino (Philippines); Galician (Spain); Javanese (Indonesia); Khmer (Cambodia); Burmese (Myanmar); Somali (Somalia); Sundanese (Indonesia); Uzbek (Uzbekistan); and Zulu (South Africa).

“Companies now have the unique ability to establish their digital voice brand from their customer care systems, product tutorials, or in-product voice engagement,” said Sean King, senior vice president, Commercial Services, Veritone. “That’s the power of Veritone Voice. It gives brands the ability to meet customers’ needs with hyper-realistic localized voices and languages at scale and in a fraction of the time and cost it would take to try to create one from a human voice. The new features are a regular drumbeat of advances we are making to Veritone Voice in 2022 and beyond.”

Rather than focus on one aspect of synthetic voice creation, Veritone Voice offers a comprehensive suite of integrated voice features including creation, management, workflows, monetization and licensing with compliance and protection. Built on Veritone aiWARE, the first operating system for AI, Veritone gives all users access to multiple, best-of-breed voice engines that combine with other cognitive capabilities such as translation, sentiment analysis, content classification and many more to create content at scale. To protect a creator’s synthetic voice, Veritone includes such features as inaudible watermarks, traceability, licensing protocols and proprietary tools to protect and place claims against unauthorized monetization of content on social platforms. The Veritone Voice solution supports both speech-to-speech and text-to-speech capabilities.

For more information, visit Veritone and explore the new features with a free trial.

About Veritone
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