Transparency, Trust, and Law Enforcement

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In this episode, we’ll be taking a deeper look into transparency, trust, and law enforcement, and how technology ties it all together.

Tune in as we hear from law enforcement leaders from across the country in this panel discussion hosted by Veritone and Microsoft.

We will cover:

  • How technology has progressed within the law enforcement industry
  • Public misconceptions about policing
  • How law enforcement agencies (LEAs) are answering the public’s call for increased transparency

Learn all this and more as you hear from different LEAs perspectives from across the United States and how technology can help.


Mike Morper

VP Product Marketing, Government, Veritone

Steven Casstevens

Chief of Police, Buffalo Grove Police Department

Jorge Cisneros

Chief of Police, Anaheim Police Department

William Gross

Police Commissioner & Superintendent-in-Chief, Boston Police Department

John Letteney

Chief of Police, Thomasville Police Department and VP, IACP