Proven AI to Enable Contextual Ad Placements in Podcasting

Leveraging Veritone aiWARE’s advanced content classification capability, podcast publishers can utilize topic analysis, extraction, and time-coded tagging to automate targeted ad placements and ensure brand safety. aiWARE features 700+ IAB classifications to identify 500,000+ topic classifications enabling precise contextual targeting.

Programmatic Ad Placements
The VeriAds Network provides a range of innovative revenue solutions, customized to fit your station's needs. Radio broadcasters can seamlessly tap into new dollars and liquidate ad inventory through a robust, data-driven marketplace. Our programs feature options ranging from preset committed inventory to on-demand and run-of-schedule fulfillment.
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Ad Attribution
A turnkey attribution solution that correlates TV and radio broadcast ad placements of all formats, including pre-produced spots, organic mentions, and live reads, with website interaction data in near real-time. Gain instant access to data-driven insights to inform ad optimization strategies, increase customer ROI, and strengthen buy-side relationships with custom reporting and visualization tools.
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Voice Cloning
With Veritone’s custom synthetic voice cloning solution, you can securely and ethically create, manage, share, and monetize professional-quality synthetic voices. Our team will work with you to acquire the necessary training data to create a custom voice that you can transform into different genders, languages, dialects, accents, and more. Create personalized and localized content at scale.
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Content Discovery
Make it easier for your content to be found and drive audience engagement. Use contextual metadata to enable content discovery and recommendation engines. Achieve more engagement, more plays, and more impressions resulting from enhanced searchability.
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Brand Safety
Advertisers don’t want to be associated with topics that run contrary to their brand promise. Reduce manual workflows and maximize revenue by avoiding ad breaks within proximity to non-brand safe content by programmatically enforcing brand standards for ad suitability.
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Contextual Ad Targeting
Gain near real-time intelligence from podcast and digital audio content to inform ad servers to programmatically insert relevant ads based on the context and topics being discussed.
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Showcasing technology and stories of how Artificial Intelligence is changing the way businesses operate today and prepare for the future.

In this episode, we discuss what sort of things podcast advertisers currently do to try to improve ad effectiveness and efficiency and what sort of challenges they face with that process. We Will Cover: How AI can help improve podcast measurement and reporting Helping you to understand how AI is filling the current gap in…

Today we will be discussing How AI Helps Generate Ad Creative That Performs
In this episode, we will be talking with Jeff Maerov, Chief Creative Officer at Veritone One

What Users Say

At Native, we rely on the ability to extract insights about the content of the podcasts where we place our ads. This allows us to target ads contextually, which is a critical success factor in helping maximize our advertising ROI. Previously we’ve lacked tools for doing it quickly and efficiently,” said Meng Li, Vice President of Marketing at Native. “Veritone gives us a powerful new way to target the right message in the right type of content, and to ensure that the content is appropriate for our brand.
Meng Li
Vice President of Marketing


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