Providing Law Enforcement with No Cost Tools and Resources to Work Remotely and Efficiently During This Difficult Time

Veritone is committed to helping law enforcement with tools to maintain operational continuity during this challenging time when the sheer number of personnel normally required to keep our communities safe is further stretched. Today we announced no-cost access for six months to our suspect identification application, Veritone IDentify.*

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has adversely impacted many communities across the globe. At the local level, it’s critical that law enforcement agencies can continue to remain efficient — and even accelerate some workflows. This is especially true as some members of law enforcement become exposed to the Coronavirus themselves, potentially requiring more efficient means of continued operations with a reduced workforce.

Law Enforcement Tools

Veritone is committed to helping law enforcement keep our communities safe through this challenging period and will provide access to our suspect identification application, Veritone IDentify. The AI-powered application and law enforcement assistant tool will be made available to interested agencies at no cost for six months. This includes unlimited users, initial set-up and ingestion of booking data and photos, processing of suspect images, and user training, as well as optional access to the booking photos and data of other participating agencies.*

Veritone IDentify assists investigators in rapidly identifying potential matches for suspects amongst known offenders:

  • Upload photo and video evidence from anywhere in the world
  • Use AI to search suspect images against single or multi-agency known offender databases
  • Share potential matches with colleagues or adjacent agencies
  • Facilitate collaboration and sharing across a wide variety of use cases
  • Remotely access without having to rip-and-replace existing software

We appreciate there is so much our public safety professionals do for us. We want to help in any way we can. Please contact us today to learn how we can extend access to our resources during this difficult time. We are here to help.

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*During the 6-month period, base license fees and all fees for cognitive processing conducted through the IDentify application will be waived. Certain limitations apply. Contact us for additional details. Offering is subject to change without notice.