Webinar: Automate Evidence Redaction 06.29.20

Webinar: Automate Evidence Redaction to Accommodate Increasing Public Records Requests

Law enforcement agencies across the nation have recently experienced an increase in violence and community protests. Many of these events were not only captured by the news media and citizens’ phones, but also via surveillance cameras, police body-worn cameras, and car-dash cameras. As a result, police agencies are reporting a surge in public records requests….

Lake-Stevens-Blog-Image[1] 04.30.20

Customer Spotlight: Lake Stevens Police Department Increases Productivity and Workflow Efficiencies with Veritone Redact

As state laws and police decrees try to meet the ever-growing demand for public records requests, law enforcement agencies around the country, such as Lake Stevens Police Department, are further put under duress with requirements to not only redact personally identifiable information (PII) from police records, such as body-worn cameras, car-dash cameras, and interview room…

Blog 1 A blog 04.6.20

Staying Connected in Trying Times

Has there ever been another time when we so desperately wanted to get together but could not? Certainly not in my lifetime. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like our restricted access to the outside world feels like a step back in time? Before, this might have meant little access to information,…

Could-Ad-Attribution-Become-TVs-Newest-Currency-REPLAY 03.10.20

WEBINAR ON DEMAND: Could Ad Attribution Become TV’s Newest Currency?

Learn the importance of attribution and how TV broadcasters can leverage ad attribution to help them: further optimize their advertising campaigns, reveal greater customer return on investment (ROI), enhance transparency with the advertisers – all while driving greater revenue for the organization.

Pemberton PD Mircrosoft-blog-header-1200×533 no-date 03.5.20

WEBINAR ON DEMAND: Automated Audio & Video Redaction

Learn how Law Enforcement uses AI and the Azure Cloud to Revolutionize the Release of Public Records Featuring Chief David Jantas of Pemberton Township Police Department Join Veritone, Microsoft, and Pemberton Township Police Department’s Chief David Jantas to learn how Law Enforcement is adopting AI-powered technologies to rapidly redact Audio & Video evidence prior to…

IDentify_Webinar_03182020 02.26.20

Harness AI to Identify Suspects Faster

Featuring Anaheim Police Department’s Lucy Hernandez, Investigator – Gang Investigations Unit; Vy Do, Civilian Investigator – Gang Suppression Detail; and Cynthia Espinoza, Homicide Senior Office Specialist The old adage that “time is the most valuable thing a man can spend” is so true once a crime has been committed and you’re out to find what…

CHA—3-Key-Ways-to-Decrease-Response-Time-to-Public-Records-Requests,-featuring-Lake-Stevens-Police-Department-Post 02.10.20

Webinar On Demand: 3 Key Ways to Decrease Response Time to Public Records Requests

Join PRI Management, Lake Stevens Police Department, and Veritone to learn the 3 key ways to decrease your agency’s response time to public records requests. Ed Claughton and Administrative Manager, Julie Ubert of Lake Stevens Police Department will give an overview of the growing demands on Administrative divisions and how agencies can deploy new technologies,…