Intelligent stop data collection and reporting application for California AB 953 RIPA

Save officer time and costs by using Veritone Contact to automate the collection and reporting of Racial Identity and Profiling Act (RIPA) compliant stop data information

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Who Benefits from Veritone Contact

Veritone Contact helps officers quickly and efficiently collect RIPA compliant stop data. Built in conjunction with the California DOJ and several city law enforcement agencies, Contact guides officers quickly through the required questions needed to collect observational data.
Command Staff
California AB 953 requires each law enforcement agency to ensure no PII is delivered to the DOJ’s Stop Data Collection System (SDCS). Contact provides command staff with the ability to quickly batch review all officer observational remarks for possible PII inclusion prior to submission.

Developed in close collaboration with the California State DOJ as well as key city law enforcement agencies, this intelligent stop data collection application greatly reduces officer data collection time, minimizes review effort, and provides command staff immediate insight for training and other constituent transparency initiatives.


  • Fast, Automated Stop Data Entry

    Officers can quickly complete stop data collection with easy, multi-select answer picklists. No manual typing or handwritten forms to complete.

    • Create stop data reports for multiple contacts at once
    • “Spell check-like” capability automatically reviews all answers for possible PII.
    • Flexible data entry — officers can start and stop data entry at any time.
    • Works with smartphones, tablets, MDTs, and laptops that can connect securely to the agency’s network using a standard web browser.
  • Painless Review Prior to DOJ Submission

    Records management teams can batch review all officer reports.

    • “Spell check-like” PII detection highlights possible areas for correction.
    • Easy to understand visual dashboards provides command staff with a preview of all aggregated stop data information for analysis and potential corrective actions.
    • Secure delivery of stop data to DOJ performed on any desired schedule.
    • Optional: Command staff can add additional questions for other data collection initiatives within the agency. This data is never sent to DOJ.
  • Security and Compliance

    All data transmission is secured using 256-bit encryption.

    • User authentication through Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP or other service.
    • Supports CJIS compliance obligations.
    • Microsoft Azure GovCloud ready.

Veritone Contact Helps California Law Enforcement Agencies Meet RIPA Obligations

Under the California Racial and Identity Profiling Act, by 2022, over 500 law enforcement agencies within the state will be required to collect detailed perceived demographic information during traffic or pedestrian stops.

Once collected, each law enforcement agency is responsible for ensuring that no personally identifiable information (PII) is included in the data set. Next, this information must be securely transmitted to the California State Department of Justice.

The process of collection and review is already significantly impacting the time officers are available for patrol. Further, records management teams – already inundated with increased open records requests for redacted body-worn camera footage and other evidence requests – are now overwhelmed with PII review of this information too.

Stop Data Report Creation in Two Minutes

Command staffs across the country uniformly want their officers interacting with their communities, keeping our cities and neighborhoods safe. However, compliant collection of stop data requires officers to be temporarily removed from patrol until their data entry obligations are completed. Getting officers back on patrol as quickly as possible is critical for community safety.

Many agencies are finding state-provided or other third-party stop data collection applications to be time-consuming and laborious and are now switching to Veritone Contact. In this video (less than two minutes) you will see the creation of a stop data report for a traffic stop with three contacts in the vehicle.

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What Users Say

Escondido PD Patch
Veritone Contact provides our officers with a simplified way to collect required observational data, and ensures we comply with the latest legislation. The technology helps us redirect countless hours of valuable time and resources to continue our most important job of maintaining public safety.
Justin Murphy
Escondido Police Department

Learn why Chief Cisneros from Anaheim PD decided to move his agency from the California DOJ’s stop data collection application to Veritone Contact.

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