Escondido Police Enlist App for Collecting Racial Identity Data

The Racial Identity and Profiling Act requires officers report detailed perceived demographic information in an effort to prevent racial profiling and bias, but providing that data [using the DOJ's app] could take five to eight minutes per report, but Veritone's app takes less than two minutes.
GCN 01 Dec 2021
SBJ Executive Insight: Veritone
Listen to Gary Warech, Head of Sports & Entertainment and Sports Business Journal, as he sheds light on Veritone's commitment to responsible AI. https://www.sbjtv.com/detail/videos/most-recent/video/6342342239112/sbj-executive-insight-veritone?autoStart=true
SBJTV 20 Dec 2023
AI Journal
How to Leverage Generative AI for Your Business
In late November of 2022, conversations around generative AI—ChatGPT in particular—have flooded beyond the tech space as companies, brands, and organizations all over the world are becoming more curious about how they can apply this innovation to their workspace.
AI Journal 28 Apr 2023