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Webinar: BrightTALK Summit -The Future of Business Intelligence…Next-Generation Asset Management: How AI Helps Enterprises Activate their Media

Content is more pervasive than ever, and enterprises need to keep pace to effectively manage and leverage it. Whether managing owned in-house content or from outside sources such as social media and YouTube, organizations need a way to manage that content at scale, improve searchability and shareability, and automatically produce insights that help them more…

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Webinar Replay: 10 Must-Have Capabilities of an Enterprise AI Platform

Webinar Replay: Learn what enterprise AI platform capabilities are required to successfully automate content-heavy processes and gain unprecedented content insights that drive business efficiencies and competitiveness. Data-driven organizations use AI and ML, either natively within applications or infused into applications, to obtain better insights into the content that drives their business and automate content-centric processes…

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Webinar Replay: Veritone Customer Showcase: AI Solutions for Media and Entertainment Companies

Did you know that Veritone Enterprise AI solutions span a broad range of media and entertainment applications including audio advertising, ad attribution and proof of performance, content licensing, digital asset management, and synthetic voice? In this Veritone Customer Showcase webinar, attendees will discover how organizations such as Audacy, Babbel, and the San Francisco Giants are…

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Replay: Tech Trends in Radio and Audio

Why NFTs [Non-fungible tokens] have an key role to play in the future of radio; the importance of real-time radio measurement; why storing content locally is important for radio; and how immersive audio can make radio work for younger audiences, are just a few of the topics covered in RedTech #RadioWeek session, “Tech Trends in…

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WEBINAR: Demystifying Deepfake and Uncovering Practical Uses

Demystifying Deepfake and Uncovering Practical Uses  Deepfake has been making waves lately in the press. From the @deeptomcruise phenom on TikTok to fraudsters who transferred $35 million. Many wonder, what good could possibly come out of this technology? In this webinar on December 14, we will demystify the subject and offer you the chance to…

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Webinar: How AI is Powering the Move to a Hybrid Workforce

Date/Time/Duration: Nov 16 2021, 9:00am PST – Duration: 60 mins The last 18 months have seen rapid transformation in the workplace with the onset of hybrid working. A parallel can be drawn between the growth of hybrid working, and the growth of AI, but how can the two go hand in hand to support employees and leaders,…

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4 Ways Intelligent Automation Has Boosted Contact Center Efficiencies

Contact centers are one discipline that has found success in automating human-centric tasks with automation, making their employees more productive and their customers happier. But how does intelligent automation tackle tasks involving unstructured data sources such as video, audio, images, and text? With remote work at an all-time high, video and audio calls and the…

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