Webinar Replay: Wood Mackenzie Focus: Grid Edge – Drivers of the US Microgrid Market

Veritone sponsored the Wood Mackenzie Focus: Grid Edge – Drivers of the US Microgrid Market Webinar!

With extreme weather events becoming more frequent and intense year on year, the US microgrid is expected to surpass 800MW in capacity in the next three years, with 2021 poised to become an all-time record year for microgrid project deployment.

Wood Mackenzie’s microgrid expert Isaac Maze-Rothstein lead this exclusive 90-minute virtual session, engaging in conversation with the utilities, microgrid developers, and technology enablers behind some of the most interesting microgrid projects across the US.

What’s On the Agenda?

1:00 pm EDT WoodMac Research Spotlight: The Three Drivers of the US Microgrid Market

1:20 pm EDT Fireside Chat with a Leading Microgrid Project Owner – Perspectives from a ground-breaking microgrid project.

1:50 pm EDT Panel: How Microgrids Are Helping Utilities Ensure Cost-Effective Grid Resilience – What key technologies are enabling microgrids, and how can these solutions mitigate financial risks?

Who’s Speaking?

WoodMac Andrea

Dr. Andrea Ruotolo – Senior Director, Grid Modernization Innovation, Liberty Utilities

WoodMac Deia

Deia Bayoumi – Vice President, Global Product Management, Bloom Energy

Sean McEvoy – Senior Vice President, Energy, Veritone

WoodMca Isaac

Isaac Maze-Rothstein – Grid Edge Analyst, Wood Mackenzie

WoodMac Chloe

Chloe Holden – Energy Storage Analyst, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables

Watch the Replay