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Webinar: How AI is Powering the Move to a Hybrid Workforce

Date/Time/Duration: Nov 16 2021, 9:00am PST – Duration: 60 mins

The last 18 months have seen rapid transformation in the workplace with the onset of hybrid working. A parallel can be drawn between the growth of hybrid working, and the growth of AI, but how can the two go hand in hand to support employees and leaders, enabling them to work efficiently and productively even when the workplace faces rapid change?

AI-powered tools automate business processes, enable collaboration between distributed employees, offer opportunities for learning and development and much more. As we look to the future, and hybrid work becomes our ‘new normal’, AI and machine learning will undoubtedly accelerate our transition to hybrid work, and shift working processes.

Join Ramesh Dontha, DX pro, and speakers as they discuss:

  • The problems that AI can solve in the move to a fully hybrid workforce
  • Privacy concerns, especially when considering employees who are fully remote, and how to overcome these challenges
  • Chatbots, and the possibility of robot coaches in remote work settings
  • AI-enabled solutions and tools available today, and how to leverage their full potential

Presented by: Ramesh Dontha, Host | Mary Taylor, Movable Ink | Ryan Bazler, Veritone | Andrew Spence, Author, Workforce Futurist Newsletter