WEBINAR: Demystifying Deepfake and Uncovering Practical Uses

Demystifying Deepfake and Uncovering Practical Uses 

Deepfake has been making waves lately in the press. From the @deeptomcruise phenom on TikTok to fraudsters who transferred $35 million. Many wonder, what good could possibly come out of this technology? In this webinar on December 14, we will demystify the subject and offer you the chance to learn what it is, how it really works, and why the underlying technology, synthetic media and specifically cloning can be implemented ‘for good.’ The benefits are monumental including assisting in public safety announcements, helping companies reach non-English speaking audiences, scaling advertising and voiceover narration, and aiding in employee training. Join us at this exciting webinar showcasing technologies that will be demonstrated at the World AI Cannes Festival in February 2022.

Speaker: Ashley Bailey, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Veritone Voice, Veritone