Webinar Replay by Veritone and NVIDIA: Optimizing Real-Time Models of Dynamic Energy Systems


Real-time dynamic modeling has the potential to disrupt thousands of applications across many industries, including energy–from energy optimization of complex smart grids, to optimized solutions for grid and electric car batteries. For grid batteries, fast and accurate modeling of batteries on NVIDIA GPUs can increase battery utilization, reduce the risk of thermal events and extend battery life. For electric car batteries, Veritone’s dynamic modeling with NVIDIA GPUs can improve range, battery longevity and reduce the risk of thermal events.

In this webinar, we detail how Veritone’s AI-based technology uses NVIDIA GPUs in advanced optimization and modeling techniques to dramatically improve the performance of complex grid operations.


By watching this webinar replay, you will learn:

  • How high-performance computing (HPC) on NVIDIA GPUs can solve large optimization problems for dynamic grid systems in real-time;
  • Why the battery data tomograph modeling system is well suited for NVIDIA GPUs because of its high computational density and high data flow requirements
  • How dynamic modeling can dramatically improve the economics of operating smart grids

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