On-Demand Panel Discussion: Beat the Backlog: How to Fight the Effects of Multimedia FOIA Requests

According to the Federal News Network, both the number of FOIA requests and the associated backlog are rising due to the increasing complexity of requests. While part of the increase can be attributed to the sheer volume of data available, requesters are also seeking multimedia information including audio, video, and images. 

Watch this On-Demand panel recording from the AINS 2022 Annual Summit featuring two new AINS partners, Veritone and IP DataSolutions, as well as AINS project manager Denise Viola, showcasing AINS’s commitment to innovation and evolution in line with the FOIA process. Learn what type of multimedia is giving agencies the most FOIA related challenges, how they’re coping, and gather best practices and solutions to overcome them. 

Whether or not you have a FOIA backlog, you’ll definitely want to watch and learn from this lively discussion on the effects of audio and video-related FOIA requests.

Don’t miss out!  Watch it now!

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Karenna Soto

Sales Director – Federal Government

Veritone, Inc.



Gary Thompson

Managing Partner

IP DataSolutions


Denise Viola

Project Manager



Benjamin Tingo



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