Webinar: BrightTALK Summit -The Future of Business Intelligence…Next-Generation Asset Management: How AI Helps Enterprises Activate their Media

Content is more pervasive than ever, and enterprises need to keep pace to effectively manage and leverage it. Whether managing owned in-house content or from outside sources such as social media and YouTube, organizations need a way to manage that content at scale, improve searchability and shareability, and automatically produce insights that help them more efficiently and effectively run their businesses.

In this webinar you will:

  • Uncover the top areas where you’re likely not making best use of your content today
  • Learn how AI-powered digital media asset management can automatically produce more insight and workflow automation
  • Discover how AI can help identify faces, logos, on-screen text, and more in unstructured media content such as video and audio
  • Hear how PROGRESS, a German film archive with more than 20,000 assets, is making its trove of historic and modern films easier to discover, share, and monetize
  • Understand how to accomplish all of this and more using an enterprise AI platform approach

Gunnar Dedio

Speaker: Veritone Customer Gunnar Dedio, CEO, PROGRESS

Gunnar Dedio, born in 1969, grew up in Rostock, on the eastern side of the Berlin Wall. He witnessed the fall of the wall, studied in Germany and France and founded his film production company, LOOKSfilm, in 1995. Most of LOOKSfilm’s over 200 film and series productions — many of them award-winning — go to the heart of the story. They tell us about history from different perspectives, by the very people who made it, combining it with impressive archive footage. In 2019, due to his love for film and photo archives, Dedio took over PROGRESS, one of Europe’s largest archives, which contains, among other things, the entire film heritage of the GDR — thousands of previously unseen treasures from life east of the Iron Curtain. PROGRESS digitizes film and photo collections from all over the world and, with the help of human and artificial intelligence, makes them accessible to the worldwide community of filmmakers through the platform Among Dedio’s most recent archive-based series are Colonia Dignidad, Afghanistan – The Wounded Land, Kids of Courage, Clash of Futures, and others.


David Candler

Speaker: David Candler, Senior Director, Customer Solutions

David is a senior-level member of Veritone’s global commercial team responsible for EMEA channel business development plus the coordination, design, development and hand-off of media technology service solutions. David has an impressive 27+ year track record of successfully implementing and developing both commercial and operational relationships with major blue-chip customers across the media and entertainment sector.


Moderator: Billy Gil, Product Marketing Manager, Commercial

Billy has served in marketing roles for such companies as Avid Technology, Ingram Micro Cloud, and Jellyvision. Billy has a background in entertainment and magazine journalism, having covered news, film, music, and the home entertainment industry, and now heads product marketing for Veritone’s suite of commercial SaaS products, benefiting enterprises across the media industry and beyond.

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