Intelligent Automated Redaction

Accelerate Audio and Video Evidence Processing

With Veritone’s AI-powered solutions, law enforcement and public safety agencies can streamline manual redaction efforts and quickly process video, audio-based evidence, which saves departments time, cost, and employee workload. 


  • Detect

    Detect heads, license plates, notepads, laptops, mobile data terminals (MDTs), and more within video-based evidence, all through AI-powered automation. Detection results are displayed in chronological order in the video player as well as in a preview panel.

  • Track

    After selecting which PII or user-defined specifications should be automatically detected, Redact can track the item throughout the rest of the video or audio footage, including zone-specific live tracking options.

  • Redact

    With one click, Redact has the ability to automatically detect heads, spoken words, user-defined objects, and more within multi-media evidence. If any PII is missed in this process, additional redactions can be performed.

  • Search

    Use a simple and easy-to-use keyword search to quickly comb through audio files and locate specific words or phrases. Each audio redaction offers a transcript view for greater accuracy and additional visual support.

Optimize Your Redaction Process


Veritone Redact is an AI-enabled redaction solution that automates the process of redacting video and audio evidence, offering opportunities to save time and costs by removing tedious manual tasks.

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Veritone Illuminate allows public safety and justice agencies to quickly transcribe, translate, and analyze video, audio and text evidence, which scales down files to the most relevant and highest priority for accelerated, strategic decision-making.  

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With Veritone Redact, ease of use is already baked into the application, so users experience a quick learning curve while allowing aiWARE to do all the heavy lifting.

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