Can the Screen Actors Guild and Podcasters Get Along?

“Commercially, buying ads around coronavirus coverage on podcasts might be tricky for brands…. Hilary Ross, VP of podcast media at Veritone One, said she isn’t seeing a large number of advertisers seeking out coronavirus-centric podcasts, though in the past they have placed some ads on a few.
Vulture 02 Mar 2021

How to tell who’s winning — and who’s losing — the streaming wars

“Netflix spends more than $10 billion every year on content,” Steelberg said. “This only works if you have a phenomenal monetization model. I think we already know who the winners are -- and I think the gap between the winners and losers is significantly greater than most people realize.”
CNBC 18 Feb 2021

Voice Search Optimization Best Practices

“When you're trying to search through archives of audio and video, it enables you to get used to an extra speed of functionality and ease of use. I think it's still the state of the art as natural language processing continues to improve,” Ryan Steelberg, president of Veritone, said.
CMS Wire 10 Feb 2021