The Promise of AI

ChatGPT. Deep fakes. Avatars. Google's Bard. In case you haven't noticed, artificial intelligence is changing the game. That's why we have Ryan Steelberg, Veritone's CEO and President, back on the show to check-in on the state of AI and how it impacts employment, as well as everything from communica
Tech of Sports

Veritone: One of the Highlights of World Cup, SVP Sean King

Veritone, creator of aiWARE, a hyper-expansive enterprise AI platform, partnered with former pro footballer Alan Smith will use AI voice to cover the most prestigious football tournament in the world. Opta Voice by Stats Perform, powered by award-winning aiWARE™ solution Veritone Voice, brings life
tech of Sports 31 Jan 2023

How to protect yourself from deepfake scams

Synthetic Media, also known as "deepfakes," are distorting the reality we live in. They are hyperrealistic video and audio recordings created by Artificial Intelligence technology. Veritone Inc. in Irvine, is mastering synthetic voices, making them sound just like those of real people.
FOXLA 16 Jan 2023

Why Business Owners Should Focus on Personalization in 2023

Keeping up with the competition in 2023 may require offering more personalized products. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, personalization was a hot topic among brands ranging from video greeting company Cameo to automaker Stellantis.
Inc. 06 Jan 2023

Live Audio’s Best Years Might be Behind It

Let’s go back to 2020 and remember the glory days of live social audio. Clubhouse launched that March and became an instant sensation. Celebrities, tech executives and influencers spent their time hobnobbing with regular people, and the app provided everyone with social interaction during....
Bloomberg 15 Dec 2022
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