A.I. Specialist, Robotics Engineer Top Emerging Jobs List

Which technology jobs are poised to go from niche to mainstream over the next few years? That’s a vital question to answer, especially for those technologists who spend lots of time and resources acquiring highly specialized skills in arenas such as machine learning and artificial intelligence (A.I.
Dice 02 Dec 2020

Veritone Wants To Help Stations Boost Revenue

And the company is offering the help at no charge. Veritone has created what it’s calling a new Radio Revenue Solution to help you compete with digital by using analytics tools. Get all the details on the free offer HERE.
Radio Ink 20 Nov 2020
Technology Times

Cognitive Engine Technology Can Help Public Safety Agencies

Public safety agencies across the country have been deploying next-generation work centers, which use modern technologies and data analysis tools to integrate multiple data streams into a single, cohesive picture. That gives public safety officials the ability to assess a situation in real time and
Techology Times 13 Nov 2020
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