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Metadata Offers Advertisers New Way To Target Podcast Listeners.

Our newest offering is game-changing for content publishers, producers and advertisers as it delivers richer intelligence about what topics are discussed at specific times within an audio stream, allowing insertion of more targeted ads while also providing advertisers with a more efficient way....
InsideRadio 11 Mar 2020
Veritone Announces Winners of Inaugural Viral Video Awards
Seven categories –– including Funniest, Best Pandemic-Related and Content Creator of the Year –– were selected by the virtual live audience. The VVVAs were held virtually on Tuesday, February 25, and gave fans and partners the opportunity to watch and vote for their favorite viral videos from 2020.
MESA 17 Mar 2021
America Is Transforming Before Our Eyes
Have you watched the news lately? A new Covid strain, stories of botched vaccine rollouts, political turmoil, the list goes on and on. On the surface, it seems like nothing but doom and gloom. But today, I want to show you why the world isn’t ending like the media would have you believe.
Forbes 09 Mar 2021
BBC Logo
Deepfake is the Future of Content Creation
Chad Steelberg, chief executive of Veritone, a US AI technology provider, says that the increasing concern about malicious deepfakes is holding back investment in the technology's legitimate, commercial use.
BBC 08 Mar 2021
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Can the Screen Actors Guild and Podcasters Get Along?
“Commercially, buying ads around coronavirus coverage on podcasts might be tricky for brands…. Hilary Ross, VP of podcast media at Veritone One, said she isn’t seeing a large number of advertisers seeking out coronavirus-centric podcasts, though in the past they have placed some ads on a few.
Vulture 02 Mar 2021