Technology Times

Cognitive Engine Technology Can Help Public Safety Agencies

Public safety agencies across the country have been deploying next-generation work centers, which use modern technologies and data analysis tools to integrate multiple data streams into a single, cohesive picture. That gives public safety officials the ability to assess a situation in real time and
Techology Times 13 Nov 2020
RapidTV News

RapidTVNews Predictions for 2021

In 2020, content creators faced the tall task of meeting increased viewer demands during the COVID-19 pandemic, despite a halt in new media production, live entertainment and sports.
RapidTVNews 17 Jan 2021
San Diego Times

Veritone and Alteryx team up on unstructured data

The strategic partnership between Veritone and the analytic process automation platform Alteryx enables Alteryx’s customers to gain insight into unstructured data sources such as video, images, audio, and text.
SD Times 12 Jan 2021