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Webinar On-Demand: How Public Safety Organizations are Actively Addressing the Changing Need for Transparency

Featuring Clark County Washington Sheriff’s Office, Moderated by Microsoft Join Microsoft, Veritone & GovQA to learn how public safety organizations are actively addressing the increasing need for public transparency in 2020. With critical incidents on the rise, transparency has become paramount for public safety agencies needing to release more public records than ever before. Eager…

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Webinar On-Demand: Uplift your broadcast TV and radio advertising

Get tips and advice on the highest-performing broadcast TV and radio ads TV and Radio consumption is up across all markets, with TV reaching 90% and Radio 92% of the U.S. adult population each week. This makes broadcast advertising a smart and strategic choice for advertisers who want to maximize reach and exposure. How can…

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How Veritone and WideOrbit Are Helping You Secure More Ad Revenue

Together with WideOrbit, Veritone is giving broadcasters more ways to net ad dollars Since its inception, Veritone Attribute has been giving radio and TV broadcasters a solution to measure on-air to online campaign efficacy in an approachable, user-friendly interface. Attribute customers who subscribe to WideOrbit’s WO Traffic, a market-leading ad management and trafficking platform, benefit…

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Webinar On Demand: Game Changing AI-Powered Applications for Accelerating Case Investigations & Clearances and for Redacting Public Records Requests

Over the last few months our nation has seen an increase in violence, community protests, and public outcries for greater police transparency. With some law enforcement agencies experiencing a decrease in funding and others are at risk, police agencies are now looking harder for ways to maintain operational continuity while improving officer’s workplace productivity, and…

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Cognilytica Data for AI Conference 2020

The Data For AI Conference Week, took place on the week of September 14-18, 2020.  Over the course of the week the event combined a large library of on-demand content with live keynotes and live webinar-style panel engagements, attendee/expert matching, “ask-me-anything” style expert sessions, and educational content.  Key topics include Data Engineering, Data Preparation, Data…

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Customer Spotlight: Lake Stevens Police Department Increases Productivity and Workflow Efficiencies with Veritone Redact

As state laws and police decrees try to meet the ever-growing demand for public records requests, law enforcement agencies around the country, such as Lake Stevens Police Department, are further put under duress with requirements to not only redact personally identifiable information (PII) from police records, such as body-worn cameras, car-dash cameras, and interview room…

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New Jersey Police Use AI-Enabled Audio and Video Redaction to Balance Transparency and Privacy in Public Records Disclosure

The Pemberton, New Jersey, police department may not have been the first in the country to deploy body-worn cameras on their officers. But the small Burlington County force, located 20 miles outside the state capital of Trenton, is already well equipped to release sensitive information fast to the public while adhering to privacy laws. In…

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