Media Management & Monetization

Take control of the end-to-end content lifecycle and make the most of your digital assets

Veritone offers AI-powered solutions to transform how companies manage their content throughout the entire lifecycle. Built for agility and ease of use, Veritone’s Media Management & Monetization products help content creators and rights holders accelerate and transform how they create, manage, distribute, and monetize their valuable media assets. 


  • Create

    Keep up with unprecedented  content demand with highly customizable, authentic synthetic voice creation. Maximize multilingual and localized content potential from the get-go—including text, audio, video, and synthetic media. Automate the creation of metadata tagging in real-time, making assets infinitely easier to find and use as soon as they are made available.

  • Manage

    Centralize digital content management in a single, powerful, AI-enabled platform—search, organize, and share content quickly and easily. With automated metadata tagging, flexible deployment options, and seamless integration with existing systems, you can make your high-quality media continuously available, securely archived, and remotely accessible.

  • Monetize

    Streamline delivery and publish to social platforms faster. Upload content from production sites and distribute to stakeholders anywhere—from event organizers to mainstream media. White-label, AI-powered tools put access at your fingertips with explicit permission controls. Get the right content to the right audience at the right moment.

  • Distribute

    Generate continuous revenue more easily from your content and uncover new revenue opportunities you didn’t know were possible. Stand up your own content marketplace, or leverage Veritone’s content licensing services. Our expert licensing services team increases opportunities for rights holders and connects buyers with the perfect content for every project. We’ll help you maximize media value and minimize complexity.

Media Management and Monetization In Action

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