Case Study

Sounds Profitable Reaches 20%
of the World’s Audiences with AI Voice

A weekly newsletter that dives into the technical details of podcast advertising in layman’s terms, Sounds Profitable with Bryan Barletta has long delivered content exclusively in English.

While English holds the number one spot for speakers globally, they needed to find a way to take their written content, Bryan’s voice for the audio narration, and translate it into other languages. In this case, Bryan Barletta’s team wanted to reach the Latinx segment. The trick was how to do this without losing Bryan’s voice. 


Translating podcast content without losing the show’s voice

While the data has shown that business growth with podcast advertising is rooted in English, podcasting has grown even more diverse in the last year. The Latinx segment is one of the fastest-growing groups, making an argument for content in Spanish to reach this expanding audience.   

With English currently holding the number one spot for the most spoken language globally, it only accounts for 16.5% of the population. However, with Spanish currently spoken by 543 million people, accounting for 7% of the world’s population, Sounds Profitable now can reach over 20% of the world’s audiences.

However, here’s the problem. When you translate audio content, you always have to forfeit the voice talent that everyone has recognized as part of the brand. Either way, whether you use translation software or hire a fluent speaker, you have to accept this fact— at least before synthetic voice technology.


Text to speech synthetic voice with Veritone  

Using Veritone Voice, and leveraging the expertise of our managed service team, Bryan was able to build a voice model that can speak Spanish in his voice—his voice clone.

After running the content through a translation engine, bi-lingual experts can review the transcript to confirm everything looks correct. This guarantees that word choice accurately represents the original concepts from English to Spanish.

This approach is excellent for those that want to validate the potential audience outside of their native language. Once that audience has proven interest, teams can then seriously look at localizing their content.


Natural sounding voice cloning   

Since implementing the Spanish version of Sounds Profitable with Bryan’s custom voice, in less than 30 days, there has been a spike in the Spanish narrated podcast subscriptions, outpacing the English narrated version by 16%.

Hear a sample of Bryan’s real voice:

Bryan’s synthetic bilingual voice:

With Veritone Voice offering services in over 60 languages, Sounds Profitable and other audio shows can continue to reach a wider audience. Looking at, for instance, Chinese and Hindi, the second and third most spoken languages in the world at 23% of the population, the potential for scale is now achievable. With this technology, content can now reach an audience beyond its native borders, unlocking content consumption for a global audience.

*All art by Jake Crowe.