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Veritone is accelerating the world’s transition to more sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy through the deployment of proprietary AI solutions. Drive costs down, optimize renewables, increase reliability, predictability and improve device longevity.

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AI is revolutionizing the way we produce, transmit, and consume energy. Veritone is partnering with leading energy providers to usher in an exciting new era marked by the digitalization, decarbonization, decentralization, and democratization of power. aiWARE is the brain that powers next generation smart grids by continuously collecting and synthesizing overwhelming amounts of data to make timely decisions on how best to allocate new and old energy resources. 

The adoption of aiWARE will see aging and unreliable regional grids replaced by specialized microgrids that manage local energy needs with finer resolution, particularly as new battery technologies allow power to continually flow to and between local communities.

Four factors are changing the energy landscape:

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    Consumers are demanding more and varied green energy sources, which are cleaner and cheaper than conventional energy sources but unpredictable and difficult to integrate into legacy grids.

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    To respond to this demand, independent distribution system operators (DSOs) and energy generating consumers have arisen, harnessing green energy to create new revenue streams through approaches such as solar, battery energy storage and microgrids.

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    With distributed energy resources, generation of that energy has become more decentralized, and with it, less reliable and predictable due to climate dependency.

  • Digitize icon

    Integration of green energy sources into legacy grids has created a two-way power flow and challenges around line congestion, hardware failures, and random grid blackouts due to energy supply and demand imbalances. Digitization can help by more effectively managing grids, creating a more reliable, cost effective and efficient energy infrastructure.

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  • The power of Veritone’s cutting edge AI solutions allows utilities to rapidly integrate new sources of energy with the confidence of knowing their infrastructure is optimized for cost, reliability, and longevity.
    Larry Cochrane
    Microsoft Azure Energy


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