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With the global energy sector shifting away from fossil-based energy production and consumption to less reliable green energy sources and new forms of energy storage, energy supply and demand imbalances are impacting grid stability, customer satisfaction, and company profitability. The influx of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) is making grid operators and independent power producers rethink how their businesses are managed and operated. The energy sector urgently needs solutions to make green energy more predictable, reliable, and cost-effective – and AI is the answer.

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WHO benefits

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Utility Companies
Investor Owned, Municipals, Co-ops
Leverage advanced data modeling for real-time decision making around forecasting, optimization, and device control, to streamline efficiencies, maximize your infrastructure investments, and decrease your carbon footprint.
Microgrid Developers
C&I, VPP, Campus, Community
Confidently manage highly variable loads and assure autonomous operation if isolated from the main grid by leveraging highly accurate demand, generation, and price forecasts combined with real-time optimization and control.
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Independent Providers
IPPs, ISOs, DSOs, Energy Traders
Uncover new revenue streams and improve your competitive position by aggregating, buying, and selling green energy in the wholesale market based on real-time AI-driven predictions of demand, generation, and price volatility.


Discover the untapped potential of your distributed energy resources with Veritone’s iDERMS solution

Leveraging the aiWARE Enterprise platform, Veritone iDERMS solution harnesses the power of AI to revolutionize today’s energy ecosystems through proprietary, intelligent, real-time energy forecasting, optimization, and control, unlocking the full potential of DERs while enhancing grid reliability in the face of the unexpected. With Veritone’s iDERMS solution you can deliver renewable energy with unparalleled reliability and efficiency, while simultaneously addressing the commercial aspects of DERs to maximize your investments, as you accelerate the mission to end global dependence on fossil fuels.

Clean Energy


Improve Grid Reliability
Confidently manage highly variable loads, autonomous operation if isolated from the main grid, optimize the real-time dispatch of DERs.

Decrease Operational Costs
Lower spinning reserves, reduce maintenance costs, decrease generation and wholesale power purchase costs.

Uncover New Revenue Streams
Value stack assets to increase revenue opportunities, provide ancillary support services, maximize energy arbitrage positions.

Maximize DER Investments
Increase longevity of physical assets, improve competitive position in the wholesale energy market, synchronize and aggregate multiple DER types for maximum optimization.

Meet Decarbonization Targets
Optimize DER planning with predictability, maximize renewable dispatch to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.


The Power of the AI
Radically advance what is possible by enabling faster, dynamic decision-making in real-time

Implement in phases or in full, to keep up with your evolving needs

Decisioning at the Grid Edge
Autonomous decisioning at the edge of the asset control system 

Seamless Integration
Compatible with legacy systems, offered on-premise, in the cloud, as hybrid 



Harness the power of the AI to radically advance what is possible by enabling faster, dynamic decision-making in real-time, accelerating the mission to end global dependence on fossil fuels

  • Unparalleled Accuracy

    Predict the future using the present. Take advantage of AI-driven, multi-variable models that consider cloud density at different elevations, humidity, temperature, wind, load demand, price, and device operational parameters, to predict and optimize operations and improve competitive position in capacity markets, to maximize profit and meet future energy demands accurately and dynamically, seconds, minutes, or days ahead.

  • Active Device Synchronization

    Achieve performance that optimizes for environmental and strategic goals considering local demand, asset reliability, and resiliency objectives, by constantly synchronizing and optimizing each controlled asset with each other and with the network. Maximize your DER investments with value stacking, by combining use cases to unlock additional revenue streams.

  • Continuous Learning

    Using digital twin modeling to facilitate continuous learning, refine the performance of your assets toward desired outcomes in real-time, while incorporating strategic goals, price, and compliance rules. As models constantly consume large amounts of real-time and historical data, they continue to adapt to changing conditions, learning from previous outcomes, resulting in more accurate and optimal decisions.

  • Distributed Decision-making

    Assure safe and reliable operation of energy assets by enabling real-time, autonomous decision-making at the edge of the asset control system. Solving problems locally results in increased speed of action and higher level of situational awareness, which can lead to increased reliability, lower operational cost, and more effective asset performance monitoring.


Veritone AI-driven iDERMS solution consists of three main modules: Forecaster, Optimizer, and Controller. The modular approach to the solution allows you to tackle the challenges at your own pace, depending on your goals, timelines, or budget.


The AI-powered Forecaster allows you to accurately predict energy generation, demand, price frequency, and asset health. Learn more


The AI-powered Optimizer allows you to optimize and synchronize all of your smart grid assets for internal strategy drivers and external market opportunity in real-time. Learn More


The AI-powered predictive Controller allows you to intelligently control and improve the performance of connected edge devices. Learn more


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What PartnerS Say

Veritone Energy Solutions are used by leading integrators and U.S. utilities to better optimize, synchronize and control green energy sources.

The power of Veritone’s cutting edge AI solutions allows utilities to rapidly integrate new sources of energy with the confidence of knowing their infrastructure is optimized for cost, reliability, and longevity.
Larry Cochrane
Microsoft Azure Energy
Redhorse Logo
Veritone's predictive AI technology brings much-needed optimization and efficiency to the energy grid, helping reduce energy consumption and provide greater stability. Veritone's ability to leverage massive amounts of historical and real-time data to effectively balance energy supply and demand, with automated synchronization of grid assets for maximum reliability, is a real game changer in the energy industry.
John Zangardi
President of Redhorse Corporation,
a leading U.S. government services provider

I like to remind everyone the importance of AI and that’s becoming increasingly important in energy. As the system becomes more complex, AI is a valuable tool both to system operators and to customers to help simplify and optimize the system.”

— Julia Hamm, President & CEO, SEPA

Technology advances at a near impossible pace to keep up with. We need to be as forward-leaning as possible, and [Veritone] has provided the differentiation that we need for our clients”

— Robert Duva, Vice President, Engineering,
Empower Energies


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