Veritone is accelerating the world’s transition to more sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy. Optimize, synchronize, and intelligently control smart grids with Veritone Energy Solutions. Use Veritone AI to make clean energy production more predictable, cost effective and resilient, accelerating the mission to end global dependence on fossil fuels.

Predict. Optimize. Synchronize. Control.

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Veritone Energy delivers benefits to:

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Utility Companies
Use real time weather, demand and device data to predict and optimize energy supply mix for maximum profitability and ideal grid utilization.
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Equipment Providers
Dynamically control edge devices for optimal performance and longevity, including regulatory compliance, thermal control, voltage and frequency synchronization
Energy Storage
Battery Providers
Aggregate and dispatch stored solar power for both industrial and residential operators during peak load times, increasing battery performance and longevity
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Independent Operators
Aggregate, buy and sell green energy on energy exchanges based on real-time intelligent predictions of smart grid energy needs.

AI for a Changing Energy Industry

AI is revolutionizing the way we produce, transmit, and consume energy. Veritone’s Energy Solutions power next generation smart grids by continuously collecting and synthesizing overwhelming amounts of data to make timely decisions on how best to allocate new and old energy resources.

Four factors are changing the energy landscape:

Decarbonization – green energy sources are in high demand, producing cleaner energy that is better for the environment.

Democratization – solar, battery energy storage, and microgrids have arisen outside the management of traditional utilities.

Decentralization – energy generation has become more decentralized and less reliable and predictable due to climate dependency.

Digitization – digitization helps utilities more effectively manage and control their smart grids for more cost-effective, efficient and resilient energy

This changing landscape creates headaches for energy providers:

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    Green energy is unpredictable and difficult to manage

  • congestion icon

    Distributed energy causes congestion, leading to curtailment and dumping

  • blackout icon

    Energy fluctuations cause equipment burnout

  • Extreme weather can deplete reserves and cause rolling blackouts

  • Independent energy operators need advanced solutions to trade energy in real-time

Clean Energy

Meet the Future of Clean Energy

Veritone harnesses the power of AI to manage and control today’s dynamic, unpredictable electrical grids. Veritone Energy Solutions consist of patented AI software that predicts required energy generation, optimizes dispatch scheduling, and controls energy sources individually and collectively.

With Veritone Energy Solutions, optimize, synchronize and intelligently control the energy grid, using predictive AI to make clean energy

  • More predictable and efficient
  • More cost effective
  • More safe and resilient

Add predictive AI to your:

  • EMS (Energy Management Systems)
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems
  • ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management Systems)
  • DERMS (Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems)
  • Smart grids, and
  • Microgrids


Traditional energy planning strategies can no longer ensure uninterrupted power service.

Extreme weather, natural disasters, power fluctuations and unpredictable green energy sources translate to more spinning reserves and higher energy costs.

Veritone Energy Solutions optimize smart grid energy distribution by continuously knowing how much of what type of energy to deliver where, ensuring grid resilience in the face of the unexpected.

In an emergency, Veritone’s real-time AI-based grid learning optimally routes energy to critical loads from neighboring states, from another microgrid, or from behind-the-meter battery storage.

Distributed AI agents ensure optimal economic dispatch of energy between multiple Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) allowing for autonomous, continuous operation when portions of the grid fail. Batteries, solar inverters, and wind turbines can be synchronized within a microgrid and across grids, enabling islanding and autonomous grid management.

energy - how it works diagram

Ongoing grid resilience can be achieved by using Veritone to fuse together data from real-time weather and load forecasting, economics, rules, and real-time grid learning to deliver optimal grid management and control, whether between grids or autonomously in an islanding configuration. With AI controlling the grid, everyone has the power they need, and blackouts can be prevented.

Reduce energy consumption and cost while improving grid performance and resilience as you make the transition to renewables.

Use Cases: Intelligent Solutions for Clean Energy

Volt Optimization
Volt/VAR Optimization
Veritone's Voltage and Volt-Ampere Reactive (VAR) Optimization solution controls the flow of power on the distribution system to increase efficiency and reliability, reduce distribution energy losses, and accommodate new power flows, such as those originating from distributed generation. By providing more precise voltage control, VVO reduces total energy consumption without compromising service quality.
Learn Moreabout Volt/VAR Optimization
Near Real-Time Energy Arbitrage
Veritone’s automated real-time arbitrage system is based on risk forecasting and optimized dispatch decision-making. Our high-frequency trading models derive results from short term opportunities in dynamic grid conditions. Arbitrage dispatch decisions for each site conform to NERC, EPRI, utility and network power rules.
Learn Moreabout Near Real-Time Energy Arbitrage
Near Real-Time Optimal Economic Dispatch
Veritone’s patented optimal dispatch solution incorporates traditional energy generation, distributed energy resources, predictive forecasting, price modeling, and storage to meet grid demands in real-time and day-ahead timeframes. Veritone's AI-powered solution is an invaluable tool for utilities faced with the scheduling and operational cost challenges that come with a resource-diverse portfolio.
Learn Moreabout Near Real-Time Optimal Economic Dispatch
Real-Time Demand Response
Veritone’s demand response solution stabilizes the grid network during peak periods by aligning adjustments in electricity usage at facilities with the conditions of local power grids. Reducing demand improves the reliability of the grid. Less demand means less stress on energy transition and distribution systems, which makes them less likely to fail.
Learn Moreabout Real-Time Demand Response
Solar Smoothing
Veritone’s intelligent solar smoothing solutions lessen the intermittency of solar generation. Our patented weather and demand forecaster combined with our patented predictive device control solution enables a smooth transition between solar power, the grid and energy devices, allowing the grid and devices time to respond to the fluctuations in solar generation.
Learn Moreabout Solar Smoothing
Microgrid Energy Management Control
Veritone provides active, real-time synchronization of microgrid resources, including batteries, solar arrays, wind turbines, and more. This results in increased performance and optimized energy sharing and trading among connected microgrids and the main grid. This improves the stability, reliability, and energy efficiency of the system. Further, hardware brownouts are minimized through predictive and intelligent control of grid devices.

Learn Moreabout Microgrid Energy Management Control

Veritone Energy Solutions

Veritone’s patented AI-based energy solutions for predictive real-time control management and adaptation of smart grids consist of three subsystems:

A distributed forecaster service that generates predictions of the state of the smart grid devices.

A real-time distributed agent–CDI (Cooperative Distributed Inferencer)–that learns, optimizes and tunes models of smart grid components, generates desired behavior directions and provides synchronization of smart grid components.

A bank of edge controllers that implements the desired behavior as a function of the predictive state of the smart grid.

The Veritone Arbitrage solution brings these subsystems together to deliver predictive energy buy, sell and dispatch capabilities.
The Veritone aiWARE Enterprise AI platform provides deployment, integration, data services, and weather services to these subsystems.

How it Works

Energy - how it works diagram

1 Forecaster uses current weather data, load data and price data to predict device state and send those predictions to the Optimizer.
2 Optimizer uses domain rules and sensor data to produce the optimal dispatch model and state for the device under control at any given time.
3 Controller applies the directions from the Optimizer to perform centralized optimal device control through the utility, or autonomous optimal device control at the edge device.

4 The device state is sent back to the Controller.
5 The Optimizer uses device state feedback to continuously machine learn and update the dispatch model for the controlled device to ensure always-optimal power.
6 Arbitrage uses real-time energy data from Optimizer and Controller to buy and sell energy with the utility or in wholesale energy markets.


Veritone’s patented CDI (Cooperative Distributed Inferencing) technology forms the backbone of Veritone Energy Solutions, delivering real-time dynamic modeling and control that ensures predictable energy distribution and resilience across the grid.

Automate Studio for Energy


Use Veritone’s low-code Automate Studio workflow designer to customize intelligent energy workflows for your specific energy optimization needs.

Design workflows to:

  • Ingest sensor data from weather sites, edge devices under control, IR cameras and IoT devices to make accurate forecasting decisions
  • Manage domain rules that define parameters for energy optimization decisions
  • Send device control and synchronization insights to energy management systems, ADMS, DERMS and SCADA systems

Why Veritone for Smart Grid Optimization and resilience?

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Showcasing technology and stories of how Artificial Intelligence is changing the way businesses operate today and prepare for the future.

In this episode, we discuss energy challenges and how AI will help utilities create a more efficient and optimized smart grid.

We talk with Sean McEvoy, Senior VP of Energy Solutions here at Veritone about Using AI to Improve Energy and Utilities Operations

In this episode, we discuss the rise of Autonomous Microgrid Technology and how AI will help utilities optimize energy grids. Microgrids are localized power generation systems in which distributed energy resources and the utility network work in concert to provide reliable electricity to a specific community.
We talk with Sean McEvoy, Senior VP of Energy Solutions here at Veritone about Using AI to Improve Energy and Utilities Operations

What PartnerS Say

Veritone Energy Solutions are used by leading integrators and U.S. utilities to better optimize, synchronize and control green energy sources.

The power of Veritone’s cutting edge AI solutions allows utilities to rapidly integrate new sources of energy with the confidence of knowing their infrastructure is optimized for cost, reliability, and longevity.
Larry Cochrane
Microsoft Azure Energy
Redhorse Logo
Veritone's predictive AI technology brings much-needed optimization and efficiency to the energy grid, helping reduce energy consumption and provide greater stability. Veritone's ability to leverage massive amounts of historical and real-time data to effectively balance energy supply and demand, with automated synchronization of grid assets for maximum reliability, is a real game changer in the energy industry.
John Zangardi
President of Redhorse Corporation,
a leading U.S. government services provider

I like to remind everyone the importance of AI and that’s becoming increasingly important in energy. As the system becomes more complex, AI is a valuable tool both to system operators and to customers to help simplify and optimize the system.”

— Julia Hamm, President & CEO, SEPA


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