AI for Talent Acquisition

Leveraging AI Across the Recruitment Funnel

As talent acquisition teams are being asked to deliver the same outputs with less resources, it’s more important than ever to maximize efficiency and ROI throughout the recruitment process.

Artificial intelligence can empower recruiters with the data and automation they need to make smarter and faster decisions – from sourcing applicants, to engaging and qualifying candidates, down to the hire. Streamline your recruitment strategy with data-driven tools to save you time while delivering top quality candidates at scale.

Veritone HR Solutions for:

  • Employers

    Employers face significant challenges in not just recruiting but recruiting the best candidates. Challenges include overcoming limited resources and headcount to support talent acquisition, meeting KPIs, managing short-term and long-term business goals when filling positions, and managing a dynamic and highly competitive job marketplace. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help accelerate this process and help you meet your objectives.

  • Staffing

    Staffing firms and recruitment agencies face hurdles in achieving their business objectives including hiring freezes, increasing advertising costs, as well as navigating difficult and challenging labor markets. Combating the sheer volume of job posting online, it’s difficult to know where to post their client’s open positions. AI helps cut through the noise, helping you speed up your staffing process by automating key tasks.

  • Franchise

    Today, hiring for a franchise has never been more difficult or competitive. With an increase in competition seeking high-quality candidates, higher candidate demands, and industry-specific challenges, franchise recruiters need to become more creative in how they hire. No matter if you are hiring for a small or a large organization, AI can help you source the best candidates fast, giving you the cutting edge to beat out your competition.

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