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Turn staffing challenges into staffing solutions with PandoLogic, a Veritone company.

Simple solutions for franchise recruiting

Franchise recruiting comes with its own set of unique challenges and considerations, from increasing applicant conversion rates to screening candidates, all of which can be dependent on your industry. But whether you’re hiring for a very small or very large organization (or somewhere in between), one thing remains consistent: PandoLogic, a Veritone company, helps you transform your franchise recruitment strategy at scale. 

Franchise recruiting challenges

Hiring the right person for an open job is often a challenge. When it comes to franchise recruiting, chances are you may be faced with more challenges than simply whether or not a candidate is qualified.

For many, one concern when it comes to franchise recruiting is turnover. Quick-service restaurants and seasonal franchises often have high turnover rates. Those rates, paired with the need to keep staffing levels at a certain point so service doesn’t falter, means that hiring well and hiring quickly is important. Stores need to find  as many qualified candidates as possible to ensure the business can continue to run efficiently. In today’s market, we are seeing more competition for talent than ever before, and that competition is coming from new places like retail/supply chain or pressure to increase wages and perks. But a franchisee is responsible for more than just hiring—and maintaining focus to actively build out and maintain a candidate pipeline can be difficult. That’s where PandoLogic comes in.

Franchise recruiting solution:
The PandoLogic platform

PandoLogic is a robust all-in-one recruitment solution for overcoming the hiring challenges that franchises may face.

Our platform pandoIQ, includes programmatic recruitment and advertising coupled with Wendy, our conversational AI chatbot. We are the only programmatic platform that continuously reviews and optimizes job ad performance throughout the campaign to ensure you meet your recruitment needs—whether you’re focused more on hiring quickly or for highly specialized positions.

PandoLogic can help franchises: 

  • Improve staffing levels and quality
  • Lower cost per applicant while increasing applicant conversion rates
  • Reduce employee turnover by finding qualified and high-quality candidates
  • Source diverse candidates
  • Improve efficiency by automating top-of-funnel tasks such as screening and scheduling interviews
  • Stretch job ad budgets 10 to 20 times further, so franchisees can move excess ad budget dollars to more strategic company initiatives

Case Study
How Domino’s used PandoLogic to boost its franchise recruiting

The problem: A narrow pipeline and low ROI

NRV Pizza, a regional franchise based in Virginia, was only using one job site with a set budget to market their job opportunities and build a candidate pipeline. While they were investing a meaningful amount each month advertising jobs, they weren’t always seeing the ROI they were hoping for. And even when they did see a higher number of applicants, the quality wasn’t always up to the standard they look for in their hires.

The solution: Diversified recruitment sources and automated postings

Through the use of PandoLogic, NRV Pizza was able to diversify recruitment sources with  minimal effort to increase their candidate pipeline. Pandologic’s programmatic job advertising  platform, pandoIQ, automated and optimized job ad visibility across relevant sites in their  network. This increased their exposure to the right job seekers without overspending or manual intervention.

The results

  • 472% increase in applicant volume
  • 533% decrease in cost per applicant 
  • 19% reduction in monthly recruitment investment
  • 15% increase in overall employees on payroll


How programmatic technology can revolutionize your franchise recruiting

pandoIQ’s AI capabilities rely on both historical data points and real-time campaign performance to determine where your job will find the most traction with high-quality candidates—and it does this all automatically. Rather than you or your team having to manually crunch numbers to make decisions about which job to post where, pandoIQ will do it for you using our proprietary AI-enabled algorithms.

Take your franchise recruiting to the next level.