Face & Voice Recognition

Autonomously identify voices and faces in images, video footage, and phone calls with AI

Veritone face and voice recognition solutions quickly catalog and analyze large amounts of data, helping law enforcement, analysts, and call center representatives to take action upon the software’s provided results.


  • Media Search

    Using vision, speech, and text analytics engines, you can identify content to search live broadcasts, prerecorded programs, and other assets in your media archive including text, audio, video, and images.

  • ESI Search

    Searching and analyzing electronically stored information is critical to culling evidence in investigations or legal cases. Surface information during early case assessment that can directly impact the case outcome in emails, text messages, and audio and video files. 

  • Analytics

    Using AI models from the aiWARE ecosystem, you can more effectively capture and analyze customers’ communications across any channel to rate interactions, enabling you to make tangible adjustments to improve satisfaction, reduce operating costs, and maintain compliance.

  • Integration

    The aiWARE platform is currently integrated with Alteryx and Snowflake data platforms, enabling a more seamless data management experience with added AI and workflow capabilities.

Solutions for Streamlined Voice and Face Recognition


Leverage our proven Enterprise AI platform, the foundation of our applications, to automate data management and extract more value and insights from previously unreachable data sources.

Leading AI Solutions for Face and Voice Recognition

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On-Demand Webinar:

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