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Consolidate your content management in a single, powerful, AI-enabled platform and combine it with new capabilities such as avatar creation and content licensing.

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Scene Narration
Whether using a stock voice or a familiar talent, synthetic voice makes it easy to insert and edit voice-overs in film, TV, video games and sports events.
Unsold Advertising Revenue
The VeriAds Network provides a range of innovative revenue solutions, customized to fit your station's needs. Radio broadcasters can seamlessly tap into new dollars and liquidate ad inventory through a robust, data-driven marketplace. Our programs feature options ranging from preset committed inventory to on-demand and run-of-schedule fulfillment.
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Ad Attribution
A turnkey attribution solution that correlates TV and radio broadcast ad placements of all formats, including pre-produced spots, organic mentions, and live reads, with website interaction data in near real-time. Gain instant access to data-driven insights to inform ad optimization strategies, increase customer ROI, and strengthen buy-side relationships with custom reporting and visualization tools.
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AI Voice
Veritone Voice is an AI-generated voice solution offering stock, premium voiceover, and hyperreal custom voice clones in multiple languages.
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Captioning Sports
Create Transcripts, Translations, and Captions within Adobe Premiere Pro
Creating captions for your video projects can be painful. Especially if you don’t have a time-correlated text file. With the Veritone aiWARE panel plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro, you can transcribe and translate audio and then create captions for your video projects – all while never leaving Adobe Premiere Pro.
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Sponsor and Press Activation
Enhance sponsorship programs and provide members of the press with limited access to relevant content. Users can leverage powerful search tools to uncover unique content, including faces, objects, logos, names, and more. Intuitive analytics tools help administrators perform usage analysis and asset utilization reports.
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On-site Event Experience, Remotely
Eliminate the need to bring trucks, tapes, and storage to live sporting events. Ingest, index, transcode, store, manage, and distribute broadcast-quality video clips with teams and media partners across the globe. Your event content has never been accessible, searchable and shareable faster.
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Content Licensing
License content in-house through a simple eCommerce interface; or grow revenue, protect your IP, and expand your reach when you partner with Veritone Licensing to manage the rights, clearances, approvals and licensing requests on your behalf. Top documentarians, producers, directors, and creatives come to Veritone for exclusive content they can’t get from generic stock footage sites.
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New Content Fulfillment
Provide creative, digital, and marketing teams with rapid content search, collaboration, and sharing solutions so they can find the assets they need, when they need them. With Veritone Digital Media Hub, Sports organizations can turn both historical archives and live moments into actionable content, maximize revenue, and drive fan engagement through captivating content.
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Manage, Search, & Share Content
Leveraging Veritone Digital Media Hub, powered by aiWARE, users have centralized access to all their media data, including video, still images, and audio. Featuring a scalable, cloud-based architecture and flexible user permissions, you can search, manage, and curate assets using associated file-based and AI-generated metadata and rapidly share individual assets and collections with custom delivery options.
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Preserving San Francisco Giant’s History

Learn how Veritone Digital Media Hub, powered by aiWARE, is helping keep the history of the team alive by putting all of their aging media a few keystrokes away.

Customer Spotlight:


Showcasing technology and stories of how Artificial Intelligence is changing the way businesses operate today and prepare for the future.

In this episode, we discuss how AI and a DAM solution can help sports brands preserve, archive and make all of their content usable and shareable.

We talk with two media masters for the San Francisco Giants, Paul Hodges VP of Content Entertainment and Brad Martens Director of Media, Systems and Workflows, about how AI is helping brands preserve, archive and process content, making it available securely and safely stored for use today and for future generations.


We are active users of the Veritone Digital Media Hub solution to manage our deep bench of 80+ years of video assets on and off the field. When we partnered with Veritone back in 2020, we liked that the AI solution was future-proofed by being cloud and model agnostic. Today, we are seeing a path forward to engaging our fans in the metaverse because of our legacy investment and partnership with Veritone.”
Paul Hodges
VP of Content and Entertainment
San Francisco Giants
We required a solution that would not only save us time and money in delivering content to our partners, but would increase efficiency by allowing our editors and media team to access materials more quickly. We’ve enjoyed a long relationship with [Veritone] and their professionalism and expertise in the field made them an easy choice for digital asset management…the solution is already paying off.
Jackie Grant
Manager of International Television
Golden Boy
We have built a solid relationship over the years with [Veritone] through the licensing of our content and by providing increased accessibility for our broadcast partners through Digital Media Hub. The [Veritone] team has delivered an integrated solution across digital platforms that has improved our live event content management and offers our external and internal customers access to match play quickly and easily
Patti Fallick
Senior Director, Broadcast Operations
Veritone is intrinsic to this entire venture, not just for the brilliant MAM capabilities of Veritone Core, but also because we have access to (Veritone) aiWARE. It means we have a powerful toolkit to tap into and build clever AI workflows for managing inbound streams and outputting content with cognitively enriched metadata, which significantly assists in the rapid discovery and monetization of content.
Ben Foakes
Managing Director
BASE Media Cloud
Veritone has a great reputation for managing high-quality content for some of the strongest sports leagues in the world. We wanted to go with the most forward-thinking, accessible and adaptable service for our organization and partners. Through Core, Veritone is leading the charge in terms of digitizing sports content. In a sports organization with as many partners, sponsors, and events as USA Swimming has, it is definitely a challenge to coordinate who needs what media, when and where, let alone to monetize the exchange. Core was just the time-saving solution we were looking for.
Nailah Ellis Timberlake
Director of USA Swimming Productions
USA Swimming
[…] we had to find new ways to access our massive archives, turn thousands of hours of footage into searchable content, and accelerate our delivery workflows. Veritone [aiWARE] provides us with an end-to-end solution that allows us to do exactly that — and without major systems revamp or resource requirements on our end.
Paul Hodges
Vice President
San Francisco Giants Productions
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