Build and Deploy Cognitive Engines, Intelligent Applications and Data Products on aiWARE

If you’re looking for a sales channel for your AI software products, to add intelligent features to an existing application, or to leverage robust infrastructure for AI development and custom machine learning model training – Veritone’s aiWARE platform is the perfect choice.


Productize and Monetize Your Cognitive Engines and Intelligent Applications

aiWARE provides a production-ready platform for developers to deploy proprietary software including trained machine learning models, applications, structured data sets and more.

Within aiWARE’s developer environment, you can choose the best mix of cognitive engines, APIs, application modules and third-party integrations for virtually any public or private AI solution you want to create.

Looking to generate revenue? Partner with us to deploy your technology publicly and gain exposure to our industry-leading customers. When they use your technology, you get paid.


Intelligent Services and Business Models for All Developers

Whether you are are an AI startup, freelance developer, systems integrator, software provider, channel partner or a tech-savvy customer, Veritone Developer can be a valuable resource to help realize your goals and address your needs.

Machine Learning Developers

Veritone provides a sales channel for AI startups to offer your machine learning models packaged within the aiWARE platform as cognitive engines to our industry-leading customers.

Help us advance AI-powered use cases and applications for customers and partners while growing your revenues.

We pay you for every hour of data processed through your publicly-deployed cognitive engines.


Application Developers

Veritone provides an avenue to reach new customers and grow licenses of your software.

Repackage your existing AI-powered application or integrate intelligent capabilities into your application or platform, leveraging our proprietary, trainable machine learning engines and ecosystem of third party cognitive engines.

We pay you for every license sold.


Data Licensors

aiWARE offers a sales channel to monetize and leverage at scale your existing, structured data sets.

With aiWARE, easily develop custom or leverage pre-built components to ingest and license your data sets to industry-leading Veritone customers looking to correlate it with their own data for deeper intelligence.

We pay you for every license sold.


System Integrators

aiWARE provides an AI platform on which to build bespoke, AI-powered solutions for your clients and the opportunity to grow your consulting business with accompanying services.

Leverage aiWARE to ingest custom data sets, deploy proprietary or leverage third party cognitive engines and build applications with cognitive capabilities.

Contact our Channel Team today to learn more.


Technology Partners

Veritone makes it easy for technology partners of all shapes and sizes to integrate with and build on the aiWARE platform via our robust APIs.

Supporting over 30 different cognitive capabilities (and growing), aiWARE enables a myriad of AI-enabled use cases across industry segments to help create more value for your organization or provide new capabilities to your customers.

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Veritone Customers

Veritone customers benefit from turnkey industry solutions and a development environment to build and customize them to meet your needs on the aiWARE platform.

With our ecosystem of third party cognitive engines, trainable proprietary machine learning engines, robust APIs and AI experts, create more value for your organization with intelligent solutions that scale to meet your needs now and in the future.


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