Veritone Redact

Intelligent Audio, Image and Video Evidence Redaction Software

Save time and costs while freeing up valuable resources by using the AI-powered Veritone Redact software to automate the redaction of sensitive information within audio, video and image-based evidence.

Expedite Audio, Video and Image-Based Evidence Redaction software

The high cost and resource commitment of redacting sensitive information from media evidence is taking its toll on public safety agencies. Yet doing so is required to keep witnesses safe, comply with freedom of information laws, and other public records requests.

Veritone Redact systematically detects human heads, license plates, officer notepads, laptops (MDTs) as well as enables users to manually define other sensitive imagery and objects within a scene, then automatically redacts this information from audio, video and image-based evidence. From there, the redacted evidence can quickly be downloaded with logs to support chain of custody requirements and share it with colleagues, public defenders or other key stakeholders.

Accelerate Evidence Redaction Workflows

Developed for public safety and justice agencies, cloud-based Veritone Redact automates the process of obscuring sensitive imagery or audio in media evidence, significantly improving manual and time-intensive, frame-by-frame and word-by-word evidence redaction workflows.

With automatic tracking of sensitive imagery, you can use Veritone Redact to quickly tackle massive volumes of video content at incredible speed and efficiency. Additionally, you can also search for keywords and phrases captured within the recorded audio and quickly redact those items too.

Built on the Proven Enterprise AI platform, aiWARE

Veritone’s proven AI platform, aiWARE, is the foundation that powers purpose build applications for public safety professionals. Each day, thousands of law enforcement personnel rely upon the enterprise-scale AI capabilities of aiWARE-based applications to accelerate investigations, protect personally identifiable information, and keep our communities safe.


  • Detect

    Automatically detect heads, license plates, notepads, laptops, and mobile data terminals (MDTs) within your video and image-based evidence, with results displayed chronologically in a preview pane as well as within the video player itself.

  • Define & Live Track

    Select user-defined objects such as ID cards, officer notebooks or any other PII within your video evidence, then optionally track the item forward in the video. What’s more, with live tracking, define a zone then manually follow that item with your cursor during video playback for subsequent redaction.

  • Redact

    Redact detected heads, user-defined objects and even spoken words and phrases within video evidence automatically with one-click. Additional redactions can always be performed if additional personally identifiable information was missed.

  • Track

    Capture comprehensive reporting of all actions taken against redacted video or audio evidence to support your compliance with chain of custody requirements.

  • Download

    Download your redacted video or audio files and all actions taken as audit logs with a click of a button to your local computer.

  • Collaborate

    Manage your digital evidence redaction workloads by tagging audio or video evidence with its status in the approval workflow for easy project tracking among your team.

  • Search Audio

    Quickly locate words or phrases spoken by individuals in audio evidence, such as interview room recordings, 911 calls and audio from body cams or in-car video systems via keyword search. All audio redaction is transcript-based providing additional visual support and allowing for highest accuracy.

Transparency & Trust Report

What happens when you turn down the volume and really listen to Americans’ trust in, beliefs about, attitudes toward and expectations of police? We asked 3,000 Americans a wide-ranging set of questions about policing locally and nationally and found the results encouraging. The public is demanding more transparency than ever — and our perspective allows us to see that technology is finally mature enough to make this transparency not only possible but scalable.

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DEMO: Veritone Redact

Developed for law enforcement, judicial agencies and legal & compliance teams, Veritone Redact automates the process of redacting video and audio evidence. Gone are the days of time-intensive, frame-by-frame evidence redaction! With automated head detection and automatic tracking of manually selected sensitive imagery, Veritone Redact enables you to quickly tackle massive volumes of video and audio content at incredible speed and efficiency.

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What Users Say

Eureka Police Department
Shortly after we introduced our BWC program, we needed to respond to a public records request for some of the footage. It took our digital evidence technician eight hours to manually redact, frame-by-frame, PII of innocent bystanders in the footage. And that was just a 10 minute video clip. As a small agency, we don’t have the resources to dedicate to this very laborious, but important work. Thankfully, we were introduced to Veritone and the amount of time we have subsequently saved by using their automated redaction software is incalculable.
Amanda O’Neill
Records Manager
Eureka Police Department
Lakemoor Police Department
Keeping our community safe, while earning their trust through our actions is of paramount concern for me and the whole department. One of the methods we employ in our transparency efforts is the timely release of video evidence. We don’t want to delay the public’s right to information just because we have video evidence that requires a large amount of PII redaction. That is why we have depended upon Veritone Redact to help expedite these requests and maintain the trust we have earned.
David Godlewski
Police Chief
Lakemoor (Illinois) Police Department
As law enforcement agencies are under increasing scrutiny, we welcome more transparency. We want to be able to share relevant videos proactively with the public, particularly those from body cams. To make this happen, we needed sophisticated redaction software. Veritone quickly emerged as the right partner –– its Redact solution checked all of our boxes for security, including CJIS compliance and the stability of Microsoft Azure’s cloud. It’s also saving us taxpayer dollars, resources and time.
David Jantas
Chief of Police
Pemberton Township Police Department

Veritone aiWARE Government is FedRAMP authorized

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