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Low-Code, Intelligent Process Automation

Get to insight faster with event-driven, smart analytic workflows.

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Empower Your Workforce

Your company is drowning in data and needs solutions to make sense of it all — empowering employees and customers to deliver innovative products, improve customer experiences, and operate the business more efficiently.

With Veritone Automate Studio, tap into a low-code AI platform to intelligently automate manual data analysis processes – all without AI expertise.

Simply design end-to-end, automated processes with a drag-and-drop UI empowering you to map out your unique combination of data inputs, AI-powered business logic, and desired output, then deploy in one-click to deliver insights in the application of your choice in hours, not months.

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Key Features

Deliver AI-enabled, Business Solutions Faster

Who is Veritone Automate Studio For?

From start-ups to large consultancies and in between, the Veritone Automate Studio empowers you to employ Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) for your organization and customers.


Deploy smart data analytic solutions that drive new products, customer experiences, operations, and more.

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Deliver industry-leading, AI-enabled client solutions on one low-code, AI platform.

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Integrate cognitive analytics and features into your application, platform, or service.

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You have many internal customers and competing priorities, but don’t have an army or endless budget to deliver. Implement IPA solutions that solve each department’s insight challenges in a fraction of the time.


Your customer-facing counterparts look to you to design new or bridge-the-gap between existing solutions that solve your customer’s challenges. Tap into IPA to implement event-driven, cognitive analytic workflows for unstructured data feeds.


Whether hacking away in your free time or translating requirements into reality at work, you need the right AI tech on the quick to extract features from data to power your masterpieces. Leverage low-code, visual development to tap into over 30 pre-integrated cognitive capabilities and an event-driven AI architecture.

Deliver AI-enabled, Business Solutions Faster

Intelligently automate data analysis processes without AI expertise. Get started for free with the low-code Veritone Automate Studio


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IPA for Your Industry

Media & Entertainment

IPA for Media & Entertainment

From post-production to sales and marketing to new customer experiences, Intelligent Process Automation empowers your organization to unlock unstructured audio and video data in near real-time and zero in on features within that data that matter to execute automated, business-critical processes that grow your bottom line.

With Veritone Automate Studio, connect legacy systems, automate repetitive analytics tasks, and tap into disparate data sources to:

• Index Legacy and New Media Archives for Monetization
• Prove Ad and Sponsorship Efficacy
• Generate the Information You Need to Help Comply with Regulatory Requirements in Broadcasts
• Deliver Innovative, AI-powered Customer Experiences
• And More

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IPA for Government

Public safety agencies require the ability to make informed, fast decisions to both mitigate threats against citizens and impart justice against suspected criminals. From local law enforcement to national intelligence, Intelligent Process Automation empowers you to automatically cull through audio, video, image, and text-based feeds in near real-time to extract insights for faster decision making.

With Veritone Automate Studio, design cognitively-enabled flows unique to your changing missions from data source to human-review platform.

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IPA for All

No matter the organization type, today’s data-driven world requires richer, faster, and more efficient data analytics to drive decision-making.

With the Veritone Automate Studio, automate manual, repetitive tasks from data creation to insight delivery across legacy data stores, systems, and applications freeing up your teams to accomplish more.

  • Automate Manual, Repetitive Processes
  • Extract Insights from Audio, Video, Text, and Image-Based Data
  • Deliver AI-Enabled Solutions
  • And More
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Why Automate Studio?

AI native platform meets visual programming. The world’s first operating system for AI has teamed up with the Node-RED open source community to offer a different kind of Intelligent Process Automation. aiWARE’s event-driven architecture, cognitive engine ecosystem, and AI native infrastructure, enable organizations to design and deploy event triggered workflows without the manual data tagging. Let the machines do the work, join the AI native movement.




Try it out at no cost. For non-commercial use.

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  • 1 user seat
  • 100 flows processed per month
  • $300 cognitive engine processing credit
  • Design and deploy IPA flows
  • Over 30 cognitive capabilities
  • Access to flow template library
  • Community-based support
  • Limited access to the Veritone aiWARE platform
  • Powered by Veritone attribution must be included on your website or app
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A solution tailored to your team’s specific needs.

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  • Options Include:
  • Custom user seat count, flow, and cognitive engine processing bundles
  • Bundle with additional Veritone applications
  • Premium support
  • Invoice-based billing
  • Access to the Veritone aiWARE platform

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Talk to an expert to learn how IPA can help your organization reduce costs, increase productivity, and deliver data insights to your team for enhanced decision-making.