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Integrate the speed of AI with business processes and applications to power the enterprises of tomorrow. Build and use end-to-end, AI-powered solutions, with turn-key models, workflows and data adapter, all while remaining scalable, accessible, and future-proof.

The aiWARE Platform for Enterprise AI

Hundreds of AI engines across over 20 cognitive categories powering Veritone’s industry applications and can power yours as well.

Industry Applications

Veritone provides numerous AI-powered applications that span local and federal government, legal and compliance, and media and entertainment verticals. These applications search and rapidly extract actionable insight from evidence, quickly locate case-critical evidence and compliance risks, and analyze, manage, and monetize media assets.

Automate Studio and Developer APIs

Enterprise AI Leaders responsible for IT, MLOps, ModelOps, ML, data science, or digital transformation can quickly and easily create aiWARE-based AI workflows with a low-code designer. You can also call aiWARE APIs directly to add content intelligence to existing legacy applications or build your own cloud-native or IoT apps. With Automate Studio’s drag-and-drop, low-code, team-based IDE, it has never been easier to create third party-callable AI workflows that transform content into actionable intelligence. Developers, learn more about Automate Studio or dig into our APIs.

Intelligent Data Lake

Save, index and search data insights across engines with aiWARE’s intelligent data lake, which provides time-correlated cognitive metadata indexing and enables multivariate, time-based search in applications. Developers can use this time-correlated data to trigger workflows when certain events occur.

aiWARE Cognitive Engines

aiWARE leverages the combined power of hundreds of pre-trained and trainable, best-of-breed AI engines in a single AI platform. It uses machine learning across the AI engine ecosystem to orchestrate and employ the best engines for the job, always producing optimal results.

AI Models Supported

Automate Studio gives low-code access to Veritone aiWARE’s ecosystem of hundreds of best-of-breed AI models to automate content processing. Alternatively, use aiWARE’s rich set of HTTP RESTful API and GraphQL APIs. Model classes include:

Model Classes:

Deploy AI Anywhere

Choose from public or private cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployment environments to meet a wide-range of organizational, security, and technical needs. Deploy aiWARE in a network-isolated environment where your video, audio and text content lives, and perform file ingestion, cognitive processing, and output extraction and integration with other in-network systems. If faster time-to-value and lower initial cost is important, deploy aiWARE in the AWS or Azure commercial or government clouds. Or choose a hybrid approach, where for instance your content ingestion and processing happens on-premise with enriched, extracted results integrated with cloud-based applications. Whatever the deployment approach, aiWARE has you covered.

Share Insights Across Boundaries

With aiWARE, you can share information and insights from your audio, video, text and other data sources across departmental, organizational, and geographic boundaries. For example, key patient data extracted from written medical records, lab test images, and videos can automatically be stored in a patient’s electronic health record. Others in your medical office can access this data for case review, scheduling, and insurance billing purposes. Ongoing treatment of the patient across different medical providers and facilities can be streamlined as those providers seamlessly access and review the patient’s records. aiWARE’s cloud and hybrid architecture scales up and out to wherever you need this content intelligence.

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Infuse AI into your Business Processes

Automate Studio: Rapid aiWARE Workflow Creation

Veritone Automate Studio is a low-code workflow designer that empowers you to tap into a full stack AI architecture to design and deploy AI-powered business processes at scale in days not months.

Leverage an intuitive drag-and-drop UI to easily create advanced business logic on a digital canvas, without the need for in-depth coding skills or AI expertise.

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aiWARE APIs: Direct Access to the Power of aiWARE

Directly access the suite of aiWARE APIs from your existing application or workflow, to extract valuable information and insight from your content.

Veritone’s aiWARE platform exposes a comprehensive set of GraphQL APIs, as well as a route-based HTTP API for customers who prefer a more RESTful approach. You can mix and match API styles to suit your needs.

In addition to cognitively enriching existing applications and workflows, leverage the aiWARE APIs to build your own custom apps on top of aiWARE. You can also use the aiWARE APIs to onboard custom AI engines that complement aiWARE-provided engines. Whatever the need, benefit from aiWARE’s rich set of APIs for maximum flexibility when developing your intelligent automation project.

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Build Trust in your AI

As AI plays a larger role in automating business processes, trust and transparency are critical success factors. aiWARE helps build trust in AI models through initial and ongoing evaluation and monitoring of engine performance, and transparency around the factors that impact that performance. For example, we can trust an audio transcription engine based on the performance metrics of accuracy, speed, bias, variance, and vulnerability. We can also understand the factors that influence these success metrics: audio quality, subject matter, speaking speed, accent, gender and age. The result: select only the best AI models for the job, initially and over time.

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Veritone aiWARE Government is FedRAMP authorized

Experience the power of hundreds of AI engines across 20+ cognitive categories.