aiWARE for Relativity

Artificial Intelligence from Veritone Embedded into Relativity

aiWARE for Relativity allows for viewing and processing of audio and media directly with Relativity, finally extending eDiscovery beyond the boundaries of text documents.

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AIWARE FOR Relativity Delivers Benefits to:



aiWARE for Relativity allows you to effortlessly transcribe audio and video files with the Relativity platform.

  • Visually follow the transcript and follow the playback
  • Select any part of the transcript and the video playback will automatically sync
  • Transcribe individual or multiple files


aiWARE for Relativity allows the reviewer to redact the transcript along with the synchronized audio and video data.

  • Highlight, select, and redact videos
  • Redacted information is synchronized and blacked out at the transcript level and within the audio/video data


aiWARE for Relativity can translate any ESI file (e.g. email, text documents, audio and video files) with extracted text in over 100 different languages.  Whether you need your text from Chinese to English, or from Spanish to Russian, aiWARE for Relativity’s AI-powered translation provides an easy and convenient solution during the eDiscovery process.

  • Supported languages include: French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Punjabi, Portuguese, Arabic, Bengali, Greek, Hungarian, Spanish, Hebrew, Icelandic, Dutch, and more*.

* Contact Veritone for the entire list of the supported languages


aiWARE for Relativity enables you to locate objects, logos and other imagery in your video file(s), whether individually or in bulk, all within Relativity.  Legal teams can then cull down and determine the relevance or privileged nature of recognized objects in video evidence for compliance with court requirements and discovery requests.

  • aiWARE for Relativity hosts over 70 different types of vision-based engines (and growing) within its Computer Vision Class that can recognize and detect objects, logos, faces, license plates, to name a few.
  • aiWARE for Relativity supports three different types of object detections engines.
  • Object Detection Engine 1 –  This the default engine in Relativity. It is a general object detection engine for high-level analysis. Examples of general objects: vehicle, chair, building, gun, desk, sky, cup, just to name a few.
  • Object Detection Engine 2 –  This engine is a specified object detection engine that has been pre-trained to find a specific object. Today, Engine 2 has been pre-trained to only find the following objects: Gun and Knife. Please contact Veritone to see if Engine 2 has had any new objects trained and added to its library.
  • Object Detection Engine 3 –  This is a highly trainable and customizable engine whereby you can create your own custom library of objects and train those objects to be found within your video files for a specific use case. The use of this engine is not available within Relativity, but through another application called Veritone’s Library. Upon completion of training the engine in the Veritone Library application, Veritone will then import the engine into Relativity for the customer to use.  Please contact Veritone if you believe your case requires a specified object detection engine.

Integrate with Relativity’s Structural and Conceptual Analytics

Leverage data generated from aiWARE from Relativity and integrate with Relativity’s Structural and Conceptual Analytics to efficiently discover content and key topics.

  • Visually follow the transcript and follow the playback
  • Select any part of the transcript and the video playback will automatically sync
  • Transcribe individual or multiple files


Watch this 2.5 minute video demonstration to see aiWARE for Relativity in action.