Ethical Voice Cloning Starts Here

Veritone Voice is a custom synthetic voice cloning solution that allows you to securely and ethically create and monetize synthetic voices in real or digitally immersive worlds. Our team takes a hands-on approach and works with clients to acquire the necessary training data to create a custom voice that you can transform into different languages, dialects, accents, genders and more.

In addition to our managed service, Veritone Voice is a self-serve application enabling users to create text-to-speech voice projects with stock voices. With the Veritone Voice application, open your voice toolkit to an unlimited number of projects where you have access to over 200+ voice models across more than 100 languages.

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Create Custom Voices

 If you are a content creator in real or digitally immersive world such as the metaverse, you need to do three things to survive:

  1. Reduce production costs
  2. Release your content on time
  3. Reach your full audience potential

Ethically Created and Distributed Synthetic Voice and Voice Cloning*

*Voice cloning only available with talent or estate and IP owner consent

Real Life Examples


Advertisements & Endorsements

Sports announcers, broadcasters, athletes, celebrities or influencers, can cost-effectively produce endorsements and advertisements at scale

Media Companies

Accessibility & Extensibility

Sports announcers, broadcasters, athletes, celebrities or influencers are in high demand, often during their busiest times.

Synthetic voice reduces the time needed to produce audio endorsements, saving production costs and accelerating voice talents’ ability to monetize their brand.

Localization, Regionalization, Personalization

Podcast hosts and distributors, TV/Film producers, dubbing studios, and other companies producing audio with human speech can connect with audiences in multiple languages, regions, and with personalized messaging giving the audience a more authentic experience.



Scale audiobook production with synthetic voiceover.

With the ability to adjust pitch, tone, speed and more, it’s easy to create lifelike narration for audiobooks.

weather forecasting

Voice Over for News, Financial, and Weather Reporting

Augment current talent and seamlessly add voice overs to news, financial, and weather reports as well as talent endorsements to broadcasts


eLearning Courses and Training Materials

Produce and enhance learning materials for online courses and corporate training collateral for greater retention –– at scale

Resurrect Deceased Talent Voice

Working with the estate and or IP owner, bring familiar and loved voices back to fans.

Emergency Announcement

Emergency Announcements

Create and replicate trusted voices of local leadership for important news and announcements and easily translate into multiple languages in minutes.

gaming Voice Over

Voice Over for Scene Narration

Insert and edit voice overs for game, film and TV scenes as well as license player or celebrity voices to further immerse and connect with your target audience.

What Users Say

By working with Veritone Voice every single week with a company comprised of only me as an employee and one fantastic contract audio editor, I’m able to output my content in two languages in nearly the same time.”

— Bryan Barletta, Owner, Sounds Profitable

Veritone Voice opens the door for sports organizations to further monetize their athlete’s brands. There’s only so much time we can devote to endorsement activity, and Veritone Voice promises to add exponentially to the opportunity.”
Paul Hodges
VP, Content and Entertainment
San Francisco Giants
Randy hahn
Voice personalities like me can now further monetize our own personal brands with Veritone Voice. We only have so many hours in a week to take advantage of opportunities as they appear. Now, I can quite literally be in multiple places at once.”
Randy Hahn
NHL Sports Play-by-play Commentator
As advances in audio A.I. create new opportunities for talent, there is a need for reliable technology to manage and protect these rights. Veritone’s solution, coupled with their premium audio expertise, creates a new opportunity for our clients to unlock new revenue streams in a safe and secure manner."
Chief Innovation Officer

How Synthetic Voice Works

Speech synthesis: Speech synthesis is the computer generated (using AI) production of human speech

Synthetic voice: AI generated human speech, created to sound like a real human

Voice clone: Using AI to create an authorized and verified custom voice model of an individual

Deepfake Voice: Replicating someone’s voice, using AI, typically a prominent figure, usually with malicious intent and without consent.


Text to Speech

The process of generating synthetic speech from text.

Speech to Speech

The process of generating synthetic speech from speech.

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Voice-as-a-Service Features

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Sounds Profitable Reaches 20% of the World’s Audiences with AI Voice

Imagine you could quickly translate newsletter and podcast content into other languages at scale without using an actor or a robot? You read that right. With Veritone Voice, Sounds Profitable with Bryan Barletta was able to take his voice and make it speak in Spanish without losing any of Bryan’s unique vocal aspects. Learn how they were able to reach 20% of the world’s audiences through our synthetic voice as a service solution. 

Read Case Study


Veritone takes the use and application of AI seriously. While voice clone technology is powerful, it should be used in a way that’s clear, compliant and consenting.

We uphold the highest standards of security, and believe that transparency maintains that trust. We will always protect you, your voice identity, and any IP you create with our technology. Learn more in our FAQ.

iab | Open Voice Network
  • Veritone will publish industry best practices and governance for synthetic content usage in public or commercial channels.
  • Veritone will be investing in and organizing a think tank with thought leaders to standardize  commercial use and protection. 
  • Veritone is an active member of the IAB and Open Voice Network to develop global best practices for synthetic content.

Showcasing technology and stories of how Artificial Intelligence is changing the way businesses operate today and prepare for the future.

In this episode, we cover the full breadth of the topics regarding deepfake voice, voice cloning, and synthetic voice as well as address consumer and talent protection concerns.

In this episode, we discuss the synthetic voice, also called voice cloning. We talk with Sean King, Executive Vice President at Veritone One, and we’ll be talking about how synthetic voice will impact the media business. We will cover: what synthetic voice is, its potential applications and audiences and the benefits in media specifically.

In this episode, we introduce a complete end-to-end solution, Veritone Voice, giving media companies, brands, celebrities and influencers the ability to produce, personalize, monetize, and protect their professional-quality synthetic voice productions.

We talk with Ryan Steelberg, President and Founder of Veritone, Inc.

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