Newest Veritone aiWARE™ Enhancements Enable Customers to Expand and Accelerate Their Adoption of AI

aiWARE 2.0 makes 320+ cognitive engines easily accessible and unlocks new business efficiencies with real-time processing, expanded cognitive capabilities and advanced customization options

Veritone Inc. (Nasdaq: VERI), today announced aiWARE™2.0, enhancing the world’s first operating system for artificial intelligence (AI). This new release of Veritone’s industry-leading aiWARE operating system includes further enhancements to the groundbreaking new features released over the past year, as well as new features and tools that make aiWARE easy to customize and use for an even wider range of use cases.  aiWARE 2.0 boasts a real-time processing framework, expanded cognitive capabilities, new electronic document support, structured and unstructured data support, advanced customization options, as well as multiple industry-specific turnkey applications.

The company’s proprietary platform provides enterprises and government agencies with an extensible software infrastructure enabling fast-to-market AI deployments at scale. Users can easily implement, integrate and use aiWARE with their existing IT infrastructure without the need for extensive machine learning expertise, both of which are among the greatest challenges for organizations in their pursuit of AI adoption according to Gartner’s 2019 CIO Survey1. With aiWARE’s patent-pending approach to orchestrating an expanding ecosystem of cognitive engines through a single platform architecture, users have the ability to easily access over 320 AI engines, including Veritone’s proprietary engines, engines from cloud infrastructure providers, curated niche engines and more, to enable the transformation of audio, video and other data sources with greater breadth, depth, and accuracy than single AI engine solutions.  Users can leverage Veritone’s suite of applications, or quickly and easily create their own applications, to leverage aiWARE to drive business processes and insights.

“With its real-time data processing, new cognitive engines, and turnkey applications, aiWARE is a powerful tool for organizations that seek to accelerate their adoption of AI and achieve a competitive edge,” said Chad Steelberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Veritone. “By empowering organizations to deploy AI solutions quickly and without extensive machine learning expertise, Veritone is charting the course to democratize AI. Our approach to a centralized AI ecosystem, easily accessible through a common platform architecture, is transforming how organizations deploy AI.”

aiWARE 2.0 Enhancements:

The new enhancements to aiWARE, together with the features added over the past year, further establish aiWARE 2.0 as an enterprise-grade AI platform that enables organizations to deploy both custom and turnkey AI-powered solutions quickly and without significant machine learning expertise.

Real-Time Eventing Framework

aiWARE’s breakthrough real-time eventing framework now supports Veritone’s full range of cognitive capabilities, enabling the platform to support use cases that require real-time data insight extraction or cognitive workflows. Unlocking results within a few seconds, users can accelerate decision-making and streamline workflows to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations while reducing costs.

For example, media customers can benefit from the platform’s real-time framework by processing their broadcast audio through aiWARE’s transcription engines, immediately delivering text that can be used for closed captioning.

Structured Data and Electronic Documents

aiWARE enables organizations to leverage both structured and unstructured data to generate insights from complex analyses. Through aiWARE 2.0’s expanded support for different data types and formats, such as Word and PDF files, customers can leverage Veritone applications, or developers can create their own applications, that analyze and correlate sources such as public and private databases with unstructured files (photos, video, audio).

With aiWARE’s structured data capability, applications like Veritone IDentify can not only identify suspects using facial recognition but can also correlate identified suspects with criminal records, officer reports and other critical information to expedite investigations.   

In the media and entertainment industry, Veritone Attribute leverages this new structured data capability to ingest and analyze an advertiser’s website traffic performance measured by Google Analytics and correlate that data with live audio and video broadcast streams to create powerful attribution models.

New Veritone Cognitive Engines

aiWARE 2.0 features Veritone’s proprietary, state-of-the-art machine learning technologies and toolkits that allow users to create customized engines across multiple cognitive capabilities, including face recognition, object detection, content classification, image classification and more. Whether to create new or enhance existing business solutions, these proprietary Veritone engines can be easily trained for specific use cases to achieve greater accuracy. Veritone’s latest engines can be deployed as a part of a cloud or hybrid solution within aiWARE to conform with security and regulatory compliance requirements.

For example, a major broadcaster may need to track appearances of a new brand logo across their television broadcasting. Their staff can easily train a customized logo detection model, then deploy it into their aiWARE environment for real-time brand identification.

Expanded Cognitive Capabilities

The unique Veritone ecosystem has grown rapidly year over year and includes more than 320 engines today across several new cognitive capabilities such as speaker separation, with more capabilities and engines being continuously added. Individually and working in concert, these cognitive capabilities further expand the universe of potential use cases for Veritone customers.

To illustrate, law enforcement agencies commonly record conversations in jails. However, these conversations often transition between multiple languages, making transcription very difficult. aiWARE can assist agencies by employing multiple natural language processing (NLP) engines to transcribe, then translate these recorded conversations.


New self-service tools in aiWARE 2.0 make it easy for enterprises to leverage Veritone’s configurable platform architecture to create solutions customized to their business challenges. Greater flexibility in implementing new cognitive engines, new data sources and new data schemes makes the Veritone platform a future-proof investment.

AI-Enabled Business Applications

aiWARE 2.0 currently features six Veritone developed turnkey business applications designed to tackle specific industry challenges without the need for AI expertise. These applications include Veritone IDentify, Veritone Attribute, Veritone Redact, Veritone Core, Veritone Digital Media Hub, and Veritone Commerce. End-users can implement these solutions and realize business benefits instantly.

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1Gartner, 2019 CIO Survey: CIOs Have Awoken to the Importance of AI


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