A hyper-realistic synthetic Voice as a Service (VaaS) solution that allows anyone to create, manage, share, and monetize professional-quality synthetic voice, easily personalized into different genders, languages, dialects, accents, and more.

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The Next Digital Revolution Is Voice.

In a digital world fueled by content, companies are struggling to keep up with the fast pace of insatiable content consumers. Veritone is designed to bridge the content gap by delivering the first end-to-end VaaS solution to multiply and amplify the potential of synthetic content. With Veritone, media companies, brands, celebrities and influencers can find new revenue opportunities, reduce time to market, and easily manage compliance and clearance for synthetic content.
Celebrities, Athletes & Influencers
Amplify and monetize your reach & influence

  • Scale your capacity to participate in creative and commercial projects

  • Generate new and recurring income

  • Connect and reach a wider audience

  • Save time and travel by avoiding recording studios

  • Protect the longevity of your unique voice

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Media Companies
Digital Publishers & Media Companies
Extend and automate media production

  • Accelerate content production by converting text-based media into quality audio content

  • Programmatically transform and localize content across languages, dialects, accents and more

  • Extend the reach and revenue opportunities of your talent and personalities

  • Revitalize the voice of past talent and personalities

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Government & Public Safety
Enhance and optimize your content needs

  • Capture trusted voices of authority, including mayors, governors, or other public officials

  • Engage with local or wider populations in the appropriate languages, dialects, and accents

  • Create engaging eLearning content for internal or external use

  • Personalize all your content and messaging

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Advertisers & Marketers
Multiply and personalize your content creation

Increase content marketing output to keep your customers engaged

Improve customer response with personalized content at scale

Significantly reduce cost and shorten timelines to mass produce advertisements and marketing content

Ensure the consistency and continuity of your brand voice
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call centers
Enterprise Companies
Augment and enrich your content capabilities

Pre-record cold calls to free up sales teams to do other revenue generating tasks

Increase advertising and sponsorship opportunities for your brand

Enable marketing teams to create more content faster without sacrificing messaging

Develop more engaging product tours and onboarding materials

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INTRODUCING is a complete, end-to-end VaaS solution that allows companies and individuals to create, manage, share, and monetize professional-quality synthetic voice. 

Supporting both text-to-speech and speech-to-speech, allows you to easily create custom authentic-sounding voices of you, those in your organization, or of an approved celebrity. Additionally, you can choose professional voices from a broad and diverse marketplace of genders, languages, and tones for your creative and content projects.


Text to Speech

The process of generating synthetic speech from text.

Speech to Speech

The process of generating synthetic speech from speech. Enables you to…

  • Produce Content

    Use synthetic voice to quickly produce audio for your media and content including:

    • Advertisements and endorsements
    • Audio clips and news
    • Audio books
    • Video content
    • Voice-overs and narration
    • Product walk-throughs
  • Controller
    Personalize Content

    Programmatically transform your content based on the following synthetic voice criteria:

    • Gender
    • Personas
    • Languages
    • Tone and style
    • Pitch
    • Dialects
    • Accents
    • Speed
  • Monetize Content

    Extract more value from content and generate revenue in the following ways:

    • Scale sponsorship opportunities
    • Extend sales and marketing capabilities
    • Deepen fan engagement
    • Cut down on production costs and time
  • Contact
    Protect your Voice

    Ensure that you have complete control over your voice data, model and usage by enabling:

    • Inaudible watermarks
    • Access and permissions
    • Regulated processes
    • Protection and claims

Key Capabilities

As a complete end-to-end solution, offers a comprehensive suite of integrated voice features including voice creation, voice management, voice licensing, compliance, clearances, voice workflows, and voice monetization.

Voice Creation

Produce an authentic-sounding voice or that of an approved celebrity by recording lines or uploading audio files, or choose professional voices from our marketplace.

Key Features:

  • Multi-modality: Create voice models that support both Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Speech-to-Speech (STS) processes
  • Clip creation: Output of voice content based on the voice model 
  • Voice personalization: Transform your synthetic voice content based on gender, languages, dialect, accents and more
  • Project organization:  Create a collection of voice clips 
  • Inaudible watermark: Automated inclusion of a copyright tone
  • Traceability: Track the components used to replicate your voice clips 

Voice Management

Gain complete control and maximum flexibility over the management of your training data and voice models to govern who can use it and where it can appear. 

Key Features

  • Training data: Securely upload and manage audio files and scripts 
  • Automated verification: Provides the status of each training data file upload  
  • Voice modeling: Process of training and creating a custom voice through training data from leading cognitive algorithms
  • Voice model optimization: Once voice models are created, similar to other AI/ML models, they will be programmatically improved as technology continues to advance 

Voice Workflows

Streamline the entire process and make it even easier to create, manage, and distribute your voice clips within projects.

Key Features

  • Voice clip routing: Flexible routing rules of voice clips to desired destinations or downloaded directly 
  • Voice clip distribution: Easily share voice clips internally or externally with partners and vendors
  • Cognition access: Through aiWARE, tap into over 20+cognitive categories (e.g., transcription, content classification, sentiment analysis) to help index your voice clips so they are easier to search, find and discover
  • Cognition orchestration: Set up and deploy flows that leverage multiple cognition engines and models that process the same audio files

Voice Licensing, Compliance, & Clearance

Own your voice and protect your IP while generating licensing opportunities and get help to navigate compliance and clearances.

Key Features

  • Licensing protocols: Regulated process and checkpoints to ensure proper rights, clearances, and pricing are followed
  • IP protection: Inaudible water-marks and other tools to help ensure your content can only be accessed after permission is granted
  • Content claiming: Proprietary tools to protect and place claims against unauthorized monetization of your content on social platforms

Voice Monetization

Scale voice requests and opportunities to levels previously unreachable but also help uncover new ways to monetize your unique voice. 

Key Features

  • Voice marketplace: Join our professional voice marketplace and get exposure to content creators and licensors. 
  • Extended sales team: Our industry experts will help promote and match your voice content to audio content licensors 
  • Content buyer network: Gain access to our vast network of audio content buyers and licensors
  • Payment collection: Our system will handle all billing, invoicing and payments to respective parties

Sounds Profitable Reaches 20% of the World’s Audiences with AI Voice

Imagine you could quickly translate newsletter and podcast content into other languages at scale without using an actor or a robot? You read that right. With, Sounds Profitable with Bryan Barletta was able to take his voice and make it speak in Spanish without losing any of Bryan’s unique vocal aspects. Learn how they were able to reach 20% of the world’s audiences through our synthetic voice as a service solution. 

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By working with every single week with a company comprised of only me as an employee and one fantastic contract audio editor, I’m able to output my content in two languages in nearly the same time.”

— Bryan Barletta, Owner, Sounds Profitable


Showcasing technology and stories of how Artificial Intelligence is changing the way businesses operate today and prepare for the future.

In this episode, we introduce a complete end-to-end solution,, giving media companies, brands, celebrities and influencers the ability to produce, personalize, monetize, and protect their professional-quality synthetic voice productions.

We talk with Ryan Steelberg, President and Founder of Veritone, Inc.


Veritone takes the use and application of AI seriously. While voice clone technology is powerful, it should be used in a way that’s clear, compliant and consenting.

We uphold the highest standards of security, and believe that transparency maintains that trust. We will always protect you, your voice identity, and any IP you create with our technology. Learn more in our FAQ.

iab | open voice network
  • Veritone will publish industry best practices and governance for synthetic content usage in public or commercial channels.
  • Veritone will be investing in and organizing a think tank with thought leaders to standardize  commercial use and protection. 
  • Veritone is an active member of the IAB and Open Voice Network to develop global best practices for synthetic content.

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