Job Application Tracking in a Cookie-less World


  • Google’s phasing out of third-party cookies prompts a need for cookie-less strategies in talent acquisition, posing challenges for tracking job ad effectiveness.
  • Veritone addresses this challenge by developing a cookie-less approach for programmatic job advertising, utilizing browser fingerprinting for accurate tracking.
  • Veritone’s technology ensures accurate metrics, improved ROI, and compliance with privacy regulations, offering efficiency and effectiveness in talent acquisition despite the changing landscape of third-party cookies.

Google has finally started to phase out third-party cookies, forcing people across industries to plan and implement cookie-less strategies for this new world. With Google maintaining a little over 80% of the search engine market share, this radical shift away from third-party cookies to protect their users has serious implications, especially in talent acquisition. In this blog, we’ll explore what this means for talent acquisition professionals and how Veritone intends to step up to help them overcome the challenges of a cookie-less world. 

What Cookie-less Means for Talent Acquisition Technology 

Traditionally, talent acquisition professionals rely on third-party cookies to support recruitment marketing efforts and effectively track job ads. While blocking third-party cookies protects user privacy, these measures significantly impact talent acquisition professionals’ ability to collect accurate application conversion information, jeopardizing their ability to track the results of their job advertising efforts. 

While Veritone supports protecting users and aligning with our AI for Good tenets, it poses a unique challenge for talent acquisition professionals who use technology that relies on third-party cookie data to inform their job advertising efforts. The decision to block third-party cookies is a substantial step forward in privacy protection, but it can give talent acquisition professionals anxiety as we rely on application conversion tracking to ensure we’re targeting the right candidates for open roles —that’s where Veritone comes in. 

Evolving Technology for a Cookie-less World 

Recognizing the impact that this significant change would have on our customers, the Veritone Hire team has developed a new, cookie-less approach for its programmatic job advertising platform. Veritone offers three application conversion tracking options to meet each customer’s personalized needs. The cookie-less tracking technology uses a sophisticated “browser fingerprinting” approach, which leverages data collection to gather information about the user’s device and browser configuration and create a temporary unique user identifier. Using a pairing-based user fingerprint algorithm, Veritone can match clicks and applications originating from the same candidate to enable more accurate tracking and reporting for its customers.

With Veritone’s new technology, customers can expect:

  • Accurate applicant, conversion, and cost-per-applicant (“CPA”) metrics regardless of cookie settings;
  • Increased return on investment through media buying and programmatic posting, which uses accurate conversion data to improve ad spend and network posting and
  • A security-conscious solution that complies with evolving privacy regulations

Offering this enhancement to customers enables them to continue as business as usual, yet we are finding that this shift has made the process more efficient. In a nutshell, correct applicant tracking translates to an improvement in CPA, which feeds the Veritone Hire programmatic job advertising AI to optimize media buying bidding and target job boards that perform. As a result, customers now have the capability to increase their applicant metrics and conversion rates while reducing CPA metrics. This highlights Vertione’s commitment to staying abreast of the changes in the talent acquisition space and across all the industries we serve, delivering accurate reporting despite the growing trend of web browsers, like Google Chrome, blocking third-party cookies. 

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