Veritone Optimizer

AI-based energy supply determination

Determine and optimize energy supply, cost and profitability utilizing near real time forecasted demand data

Benefits of Optimizer

Energy Optimization for a Changing Industry

We are witnessing the decarbonization, democratization, decentralization and digitization of the energy industry, and with it unpredictable and less reliable green energy sources, new forms of energy storage, and energy supply and demand imbalances that impact customer satisfaction and company profitability.
Veritone harnesses the power of AI to revolutionize today’s energy ecosystems through proprietary, intelligent, near-real-time energy optimization, helping you deliver the right type and amount of clean energy to the right device, at the right time and the right price.

Optimize energy dispatch for lowest cost

AI-powered Optimizer uses highly accurate and current energy price/demand forecasts to determine ideal energy generation and routing, in near real-time. This optimal energy supply distribution increases grid reliability while reducing cost.
Optimizer determines ideal energy dispatch based on price forecasting by combining the price forecast with risk parameters, load, and weather conditions to generate a global optimized dispatch decision for each energy site, including solution mix (solar, wind, storage) and amount.


  • Real-time decisioning

    Determine optimal energy generation mix and routing based on real-time decisioning using demand and price forecasting

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    Energy device friendly

    Optimizer utilizes game theory and deep understanding of individual device constraints and industry regulations to ensure energy is properly dispatched to each device (solar, wind, storage) for optimal performance

  • Fully customizable

    Veritone Optimizer uses a proprietary algorithm called Chattering to allow customizations based on your goals and constraints of the energy sources, so you can implement combinations of different energy optimization strategies (cost, demand, energy type, etc.)

  • Complex, Near Real-Time Decision Making

    Veritone’s patented Cooperative Distributed Inference (CDI) technology performs complex, near-real time decision making around forecasting, optimization and device control. CDI is capable of handling vast amounts of heterogeneous and distributed information containing millions of variables and hundreds of thousands of constraints. CDI also learns over time, blending adaptive learning with business rules composition.

What Users Say

  • The power of Veritone’s cutting edge AI solutions allows utilities to rapidly integrate new sources of energy with the confidence of knowing their infrastructure is optimized for cost, reliability, and longevity.
    Larry Cochrane
    Microsoft Azure Energy


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