Autonomous Microgrid

The Rise of Autonomous Microgrid Technology

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In this episode, we discuss the rise of Autonomous Microgrid Technology and how AI will help utilities optimize energy grids. Microgrids are localized power generation systems in which distributed energy resources and the utility network work in concert to provide reliable electricity to a specific community.

We talk with Sean McEvoy, Senior VP of Energy Solutions here at Veritone about Using AI to Improve Energy and Utilities Operations

We will cover:

  • How Does a Microgrid Work
  • Examples of Microgrids in Action
  • The Benefits of Microgrid Technology
  • Are Microgrids the Future
  • Short Term and Long Term Goals of a Microgrid
  • What Does AI Offer to Microgrids



WoodMac Sean
Sean McEvoy

Senior VP of Energy Solutions