The Veritone Podcast | June 25, 2021 | 29 mins

Navigate the Copyright and IP Matrix of NFTs with AI and Veritone SME’s

We're hearing and seeing a lot of exciting and sometimes confusing applications of a new tech called NFTs. In this episode, we talk with Mike Arthur, Senior Vice President at Veritone about navigating the copyright and IP matrix of NFTs

We will cover:

  • What NFT's or non-fungible tokens are and why are they generating a tremendous amount of buzz
  • How NFT licensing models and smart contracts are new and largely unproven territory
  • Where NFT's present a revenue opportunity for content creators and owners
  • How AI-enabled search can be used to discover what content owners have to license
  • The best way to navigate the NFT maze is by seeking the advice of knowledgeable partners, ones who can help you avoid the pitfalls and missteps that every new technology brings


Mike Arthur
Mike Arthur

Senior Vice President at Veritone


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