The Veritone Podcast | August 5, 2021 | 15 mins

How AI Helps Generate Ad Creative That Performs

Today we will be discussing How AI Helps Generate Ad Creative That Performs In this episode, we will be talking with Jeff Maerov, Chief Creative Officer at Veritone One

We will cover:

  • Why is ad efficacy important
  • How artificial intelligence helps in advertising creative
  • Where aiWARE help us save Veritone One advertiser’s money
  • How aiWARE helps Veritone One to scale advertiser’s messages where other agencies can’t
  • Where AI-based ad verification is used, how aiWARE literally listens to the shows, not just the ads, but the whole episode


Jeff Maerov
Jeff Maerov

Chief Creative Officer - Veritone One

Ad Creative

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