Can Deepfake Be Used For Good?

Can Deepfake Be Used For Good?

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In this episode, we cover the full breadth of the topics regarding deepfake voice, voice cloning, and synthetic voice as well as address consumer and talent protection concerns.

Listen in as we talk with Sean King, EVP, Veritone One; Anne Ganguzza, Voice Talent and Voiceover Coach; and Ashley Bailey, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Veritone, to discuss how deepfake can be used for good.

We will cover:

  • What is voice cloning?
  • Can deepfake be used for good?
  • What are some of the business applications for voice cloning?
  • How will it impact the voiceover industry?
  • What concerns are there and how are they being addressed by vendors today?
  • What are some of the specific ways talent voices are protected?


Sean King

EVP, Veritone One

Anne Ganguzza

Voice Talent & Voiceover Coach

Ashley Bailey

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Veritone