The Veritone Podcast | May 28, 2021 | 32 mins

AI for Interaction Analytics – A Game Changer for Unstructured Content

In this episode, we bring to light the challenges of unstructured data that sales, marketing and customer service organizations face, and how AI Interaction Analytics can address them for greater business benefit. We talk with Corey Hill Veritone Sr. Solutions Engineer focusing on data and analytics democratization with the Veritone aiWARE team.

We will cover:

  • Why is unstructured content so challenging
  • How AI can automate what used to be a manual review of unstructured content for insight, improving business efficiencies, boosting customer experience
  • We cover how it can extract raw data, analyze and provide context, learn and run models that blend with structured data
  • Highlight uses cases for Contact Center and Customer Service Managers, Digital Experience Managers, Marketing and Sales Professionals, Compliance Officers and Product Managers


Corey Hill
Corey Hill

Veritone Sr. Solutions Engineer

Interaction Analytics

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