With the aiWARE platform, you can build AI-powered solutions and bespoke applications faster and more cost effectively. Highly modular and customizable, you can use our enterprise AI platform as the foundation to achieve more than digital transformation. Become a future proof, dynamic enterprise so you can effectively minimize disruption, adapt to change faster, and achieve new levels of scale in traditional channels and the metaverse.

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The Veritone team wants to understand your challenges and work with you to build a plan. We’re here to help you customize the aiWARE platform and build solutions to help accelerate your success. We let you decide how involved you want to be in the process along with your partners. Our team is more than happy to let you stay hands-off so you can focus on the business while we intake, design, and execute your request.

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aiWARE is our proprietary enterprise AI platform that acts as the foundation for AI solutions and bespoke applications, offering access to hundreds of cognitive engines through one common software infrastructure. Our enterprise AI platform is highly modular and customizable, enabling expansive scale with the flexibility to deploy in the cloud, at the edge, or in hybrid environments.
Smart Grid Optimization
Optimize, synchronize, and intelligently control smart grids with Veritone Energy Solutions. Use Veritone AI to make clean energy production more predictable, cost effective and resilient, accelerating the mission to end global dependence on fossil fuels.
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Call Center Automation
Automate contact customer case handling, increase support staff efficiency, reduce cost and resolution time, and improve the customer support experience. Instantly transcribe, translate and voice-recognize customer calls, classify requests, gauge sentiment and intent, and route appropriately. Add AI to your contact center workflows and experience happier employees and more satisfied customers.
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Intelligent Audio, Image, and Video Evidence Redaction
Veritone Redact is an easy to use software application that leverages the power of aiWARE to automatically redact sensitive information found within audio, video, and image-based evidence. Veritone Redact saves time and costs, helping to free up valuable resources to address additional high priority matters and enabling the fast release of evidence media for public transparency.
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Data Analytics
Advertising Attribution Through Web Analytics
With Veritone Attribute, you have the ability to easily correlate the lift on the advertisers’ website traffic to broadcasted ads. Networks and stations alike now have the tools to provide their advertisers with meaningful insights, demonstrate ad performance and ROI, and collaborate leveraging intuitive dashboards and reports.
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Automate Transcription and Translation of Large Volumes of Evidentiary Media
Supporting 70+ languages and dialects, aiWARE transcribes and translates emails, text documents of any format, and audio recordings such as jail calls and interview room conversations. For documents, the formatting of the original document can be retained and turned into searchable data to surface relevant evidence quickly.
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Flexible Organic Reads with MicroMentions™
Generate revenue outside of traditional inventory and make the most of your airtime by leveraging the MicroMentions™ program that will provide your stations with an on-going live reads inventory from reputable advertisers. Easily insert relevant, short organic reads into your programming that are non-intrusive to your audience and generate incremental ad dollars for you without the need of extra resources.
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AI-powered Search and Discovery
In addition to basic, manually created metadata, Veritone cognitively produced metadata can be automatically applied upon asset ingestion. Easily search by face, logo, object, and text to find exact moments and scenes within seconds. With advanced topic classification and entity extraction from audio or video, users can also quickly find what a segment is about. Quickly find media from years past, recently produced projects, and new stay-at-home content.

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Discover Relevant Evidence Within Your eDiscovery Platform
aiWARE enables discovery of unstructured ESI, including dash camera, body camera, CCTV, interview room, and other audio/video evidence assets within leading eDiscovery platforms, including Relativity, RelativityOne and OpenText Axcelerate. Directly from your eDiscovery interface, search transcripts for keywords relevant to your case, and review more evidence faster by limiting the amount of evidence sent out for manual, court-certified transcription.

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Interrogate Large Volumes of Evidentiary Media
The aiWARE-powered application Veritone Illuminate enables investigative teams to cost-effectively search, analyze, and explore large amounts of video recordings, audio data, such as jail calls and interview room conversations, and text-based evidence while maintaining original document formats.

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Contextual Ad Targeting
Gain near real-time intelligence from podcast and digital audio content to inform ad servers to programmatically insert relevant ads based on the context and topics being discussed.
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Securely Survey Audio and Electronic Communications
aiWARE makes surveying voice and video communications in near real-time for risks and potential violations such as insider trading, collusion, market manipulation, fraud and more, fast, easy, and secure. Teams can search, analyze, cull, and explore large amounts of audio, video and text-based communication. aiWARE can integrate directly with source systems including voice recorders, turrets, fixed lines, VOIP, and video capture and conferencing.
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Easily Train Your Own Custom AI Engines
With the Veritone aiWARE full stack, flexible architecture, developers can choose a unique mix of proprietary data sets, cognitive engines, and business logic to deliver fast-to-market, AI-enabled solutions unique to your use case. And for those situations when you need your own bespoke engine, you can also deploy your own cognitive engines trained on your data sets to meet your specific mission requirements.
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Manage, Search, & Share Content
Leveraging Veritone Digital Media Hub, powered by aiWARE, users have centralized access to all their media data, including video, still images, and audio. Featuring a scalable, cloud-based architecture and flexible user permissions, you can search, manage, and curate assets using associated file-based and AI-generated metadata and rapidly share individual assets and collections with custom delivery options.
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Select an AI solution from our list of customer-validated use cases by industry or deploy one of our proven AI-powered applications out of the box with any additional customizations you might need. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, reach out to partner with us in developing the AI solution you need.

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Veritone's AI-Powered Lineup Covers the Bases for the San Francisco Giants
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Lake Stevens PD Increases Productivity by 90%

Lake Stevens PD used Veritone to automate evidence redaction and improved workflow efficiencies while meeting the demands of public records release.




Working with some of the world’s biggest brands, Veritone One is the largest performance audio and influencer advertising agency powered by AI.

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Create synthetic media, create authentic NFTs, and protect and monetize your content

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